Man with mental illness shot by police officer at Florida high school

Lady March Goldwire’s eyes light up when she talks about her son, Donel Elam. “Donel is an extraordinary person: a beautiful mind, a beautiful heart, a smile that is out of this world,” she said. Donel was a superstar on the high school football field and had a bright future. In 2014 everything changed. “He … Read more

The following recipe of Padma Lakshmi will be funny

Jerod Harris/Getty Images Padma Lakshmi in 2023. (Photo by Jerod Harris/Getty Images) CNN — Padma Lakshmi is undeniably beautiful, but more importantly, she wants to be appreciated for her humor. After announcing last year that she would be stepping down as host of the cooking competition “Top Chef,” the author and producer’s next move may … Read more

Researchers identify how aspirin prevents colon cancer

Long-term daily use of aspirin is known to prevent colon cancer, but until now it was unclear why this is the case. Now researchers think they understand how aspirin works against colon cancer, says a new study. Aspirin appears to boost aspects of the body’s immune response against cancer cells, according to findings published April … Read more

Masturbating can reduce the risk of prostate cancer, expert claims (and more is better!)

By Emily Stearn, health reporter for Mailonline 1:25 PM April 24, 2024, updated 2:14 PM April 24, 2024 When it comes to ways to reduce your risk of prostate cancer, you might immediately think of eating more vegetables or hitting the gym. But according to an expert, there is something else that can help: masturbation. … Read more