Yearbook Every year a small, elite group if kids uses their skills to make up a book. This book contains a small picture of every student in their school, and pages describing sports, clubs, and classes. Each child receives a yearbook filled with items of their high school career. What each student may not understand is the effort it required to make this book that will always keep memories alive. The yearbook alone, with such importance, deserves gratitude.

But it is really those who worked on the book that need support and respect. The yearbook staff, with its three groups, deserves much appreciation for their hard work, done annually to create the yearbook. Editors deserve recognition for they bear the responsibility of the entire staff and yearbook. For class, each editor puts in countless hours and endless work. These leaders create the book’s theme and all main layout designs, or how each page is setup. They check each staff member’s spread and deadlines. All this work sometimes remains unknown to much of the student body. Students easily gripe about mistakes in the yearbook, without suggesting new ideas or helping out.

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They must support the editors so the finishing of the yearbook goes smoothly with great results. Appreciation should also be rewarded to photographers by those whose faces are shown among the book’s pages. Taking pictures of all types of teens in the school becomes tremendously difficult. Many students do not participate in activities, which toughens a photographer’s job of putting them into the yearbook. Even though, students must encourage photographers and make involving every class member more capable.

The yearbook is filled mainly with pictures taken by these skilled staff members. Without photographers, the yearbook would only be something to read, losing its specialness. Requiring much of the student body’s help, spreadpersons create the entire inner part of the book. Many items on a page, or spread, come from their classmates. Using quotes often, spreadpersons interview students to get their feelings on a variety of topics. Each caption written by them describes who the student in a certain picture is and what they are doing.

That shows how spreadpersons require full cooperation from their classmates. The importance of the yearbook and all those who help it must stand out. For the section of student pictures, a past editor once wrote, “Well here is the place where you will look back and see the face if your best friend, your worst enemy, . . . It won’t just be their face, it will be their name and memories too.

. . We’ll realize how much these people influenced our lives and our future.” That relates to yearbook in may ways. The yearbook is made all for the students and their enjoyment. The more the staff is appreciated, the more they will accomplish. Speaking to everyone, the editor also commented, “Not everybody can be in the spotlight and we know that there are a lot of other people out there with special talents.” As the yearbook staff respects that saying, students should respect and appreciate the “special talents” of editors, photographers, and spreadpersons.