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A crusade against the intellectual ineptitude which kept the intellect of Shakespeare the Great, gruesomely eclipsed for almost all of the four centuries, obstructing it from percolating down to the down generations.
An economically impotent mans intellectually potent challenge thrown in the face of the world acclaimed intellectual cream to defend themselves against an allegation of intellectual infraction left un-noticed for all most all of the four centuries.

A crusade to put an end to the madness of hurling insults and the audacity of under rating the intellectual heights of this great god-sent intellectual whose soul restlessly wanders in this world seeking the recuperation of rupture of his intellectual contribution by the puny intellectuals of the era and the era gone by.

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A crusade against the world governments who had been silent spectators for this gruesomely grave gluttonous act of intellectual infraction without realizing that the intellectual pollution is the grass root from which the other pollutions emanate.

A crusade to open up the eyes of this worlds judicial and legal fraternity whereby some judiciary of some country realizes the after affects of the intellectual pollution and reacts suo-moto to put an end to this madness.

My Works
Julius Caesar
I had to make about 54 Comments and some samples are appended for your perusal and appraisal.

11th Comment examine the meaning of the words First Motion
1. Meanings in circulation

Roma Gill#61672;Impulse
Anil Wilson#61672;Idea
2. All are the meanings of the word Notion but Shakespeare used a word Motion. Will you agree with these people and take motion as a synonym of notion?
3. Then what is First Motion? After four centuries may I try to explain this word? (a)Motion=Principle (Ref. Para 615 of
Rogets) (b) Principle=cardinal virtue (Ref. Para 05 of Rogets)
SEVEN CARDINAL Virtues. (1)Justice (2) prudence (3) Temperance (4) Fortitude (5) Faith (6) Hope (7) charity
Motion= virtue but there are seven virtues but which one of these seven?
Shakespeare says First Motion
First Motion= first of the seven cardinal virtues= justice
First motion means Justice
4. Killing Caesar is a dreadful thing.

If left to live, Caesar would kill justice
Debate is between the love for Caesar and General good through justice. (A difficult choice which makes Brutus spend sleepless nights)
5. However you be the better judge.

12th comment. Examine the translation of lines 97 to 99.

1.W. Turner #61672; what affairs requiring wakefulness have kept you from closing your eyes in the sleep of night?
2.Let us examine the above translation of Turner which almost all the translators have followed with devout respect. I feel this translation would not stand the test of logic.

3.Read the lines 81 & 82 of this scene. Brutus says They are a faction, O conspiracy shamest thou show thy dangerous brow by night.Through these lines it stands clearly concluded that Brutus knows their purpose is to hatch a conspiracy and also it is well settled that the conspiracies are hatched only at nights. Then is it not an absurdity to ask the visitors what is keeping them from sleeping?
4. See the opening lines of the Scene. This scene begins with Brutus waking up Lucius and Shakespeare shows Brutus restlessly seeking to know how far the sun rise is away.

5.The subsequent dialogues of Decius, Casca, and Cinna have Sun rise as a serious subject of debate. Have these translators paid any attention to this issue and applied their minds to know why suddenly Shakespeare had started this debate on sun rise?
6.The word meanings of this dialogue must be taken in the following way if we wish the people not to take us as a set of jokers and laugh at us:-
7. a Watchful=intellectual (Rogets Para 450) b Cares=serious attentions (Rogets Para 459) c interpose=infer (Rogets Para 228) d betwixt=the intervening time (Rogets Para 228) e eyeseye of the day=sun #61672; (Refer oxford dictionary new seventh edition edited by JB Sykes at page no.343. You will not find this word meaning in the eighth edition.)
8.With this the translation amounts to what your intellectual and serious attentions do put forth to be the intervening time of the night and the sun rise?
9.However you be the better judge.

29th Comment:– Now let us examine the words Tide of Time.
1)W. Turner translation as Changing Times which is very vague and conveys nothing to my Indian children of ICSE who study Julius Caesar through the age of 13 or 14 years. W. Turner honestly admits that he had not understood the exact meaning. Can we explain?
2)When we take times as a plural there cannot be a big argument because it simply means period.

3)What is the Tide then? The height of the sea wave is generally explained through phrases like low tide or high tide etc. But here Shakespeare is using tide to connote the maximum height. The tide is seen to be at the highest on a new moon night. Similarly the sea wave also keeps craning its neck to see the moon better as she keeps diminishing like an eccentric lover and reaches the greatest height on a new moon day which phenomenon the scientist attributes to gravity.

Now it is settled. The highest is the word in nutshell. Shakespeare is talking about the most prosperous period in the history. Have you not studied Golden period of history while studying the Guptas period in Indian history?
4. However you be the better judge
52nd Comment:– Examine the last dialogue of Pindarus from lines 47 to 50.

1.W.Turner, SB Davidson and many other translators especially my Indian contemporaries, try to impress us that Pindarus was reluctant to kill Cassius. Some over indulgent people go a few steps further to impress us that as he was a bond man he had no other option left so he had to kill Cassius though he did not wish to kill him and his heart bled while he was at the ordeal of performing the act.

2.The source of confusion appears to me to be in the way these translators have dealt with the wordsa Drust b have done c will. This is a very complicated dialogue and if not dealt with properly, the entire character of Pindarus stands thrown out of context and the most crucial or turning point of the battle stands miss-conveyed.

3.The welfare and loyalty are the inseparable Siamese twins and in the absence of the former dont expect the later to thrive. Pindarus is a Parthian and not a Roman. He was taken a prisoner at the war of Parthian by Cassius and was to live as a slave of Cassius. It has been mentioned at several places by many translators that Cassius treated Pindarus worse than a dog. Would it be saner to search for loyalty in a slave or a bondman whom we treat worse than a dog?
4.Pindarus who remained an ill-treated Bond man of Cassius for many years knows the weakness of his master well. The main weakness of Cassius is that he gets very quickly depressed and develops suicidal tendencies and this aspect of his weakness is shown to you in all most all of the Acts of Shakespeare. a Act I Scene II at lines 94 to 96 he presents suicidal tendencies to Brutus while engaged in a dialogue with him b Act I Scene III he presents suicidal tendency when he hears that Caesar is going to be crowned the next day. c Act III Scene I he presents suicidal tendency when a Senator casually wishes that his enterprise may be successful. d He presents his heart which he considers richer than Plutos mine to be cut by his dagger while engaged in a dialogue with Brutus, in the Act IV Scene III e Cassius while engaged in a dialogue with Titinius presents suicidal tendency in the Act V. Pindarus takes advantage of this weakness and from the very first dialogue in the Act V Scene III keeps putting efforts to drive Cassius into a depression.

5.I am of the opinion that Pindarus keeps feeding wrong information to his master from the top of the hill and this drives the last nail into the coffin.

6th Comment examine meanings of words Fat & Sleek
1. W.Turner===#61672; I should like to be surrounded by men who are fat, men with smoothly brushed hair and type that soundly sleep at night
2. SB Davidson (head, department of English, Doon school, Dehradun, retired.)===#61672; goes boldly a step further to intensify the absurdity and translates as Let me have, for my security, men who are fat, well fed and well slept.

3. Do you employ fat and obese people for security duties?
4. Being well combed has got anything to do with the ability of providing security?
5. Do you want your security men to sleep well at night? Unless you have not gone insane you would be expecting them to be more vigilant and stay awake the whole night while you are asleep.

6. Here the fat is applied to the human intellect by Shakespeare not to the physical parameters. A fat head is a dull head and is of low intellect and is called a stupid.

7. Sleek is the modified version of slick and means smooth. Smoothness is not exclusively kept aside for hair it can be applied to the speech also. Look for the word glib in a dictionary. Sleek=#61672;slick=#61672;glib=#61672;glib when applied to speech==#61672; out spoken .

8. Will you agree with me if I say that the stupid and out spoken men are less dangerous to be surrounded by with?
9. Now you be the better judge.

The Tempest
I had to make around 106 Comments and some samples are appended below for your perusal and appraisal.

67th Comment:-Examine the word Windring at the lines 128 to 138 Iris
1. W.Turner changes the word windring to wandering and Roma Gill, a staunch supporter of W.Turner seconds him adding words a very attractive misprint in the folio text.
2. Dear young researchers, let me teach you how to solve the mind boggling word puzzles this great genius presents, so that at least your generation gives up such careless habit of making derogative remarks against this great soul.

3. First I want you to bisect this word with a hyphen and look at it this way Wind-ring. Now for a moment leave aside wind and concentrate upon ring.

4. Will you agree if I call a ring a circle and take a derivative circular from it? If you agree now you have a circular wind and will you agree if I take the circular wind to be the suggestive of whirl wind? I hope you would agree but please wait dont jump to a conclusion.

5. After the word windring Shakespeare uses a word Brooks. Many of the editors translate brooks as streams but if I take it as pool would you agree with me? If yes now you may shout Eureka but please dont disrobe yourself and start running in the streets, because now you have exactly what Shakespeare had in his mind while coining this word, i.e. a Whirl Pool
46th Comment Examine the dialogue of Trinculo from lines 15 to 40
1.In this dialogue Shakespeare uses words dead Indian referring to the character Caliban who is described in detail in the lines 280 to 284 of Act II Scene I. Caliban is described as a deformed son of a witch. I thank god for W.Turner had spared the Indians of south East Asia otherwise I would have taken this with disgust for having my ancestors to be referred to as the deformed sons of a witch. While W.Turner restricts this derogative reference to North Americans, over enthusiastic Roma Gill takes the South Americans also into this fold by using the words new world Refer under meaning no.5 at page 1242 of the Oxford Dictionary edited by JB Sykes the meaning of the word new world is America while the old world is Europe. I am thankful because now the dispute would be between the Europeans and the Americans with my Indians luckily spared.

2.In my opinion Shakespeare is a gentleman and I dont expect him to be passing such disgraceful reference. It is the mischief of the careless translators. Here, as it appears to me, Shakespeare is making a reference to Indian rubber. Rubber is a very effective figurative to explain a deformity. Take a rubber toy and try, you can bend its limbs any way you like it. Almost four centuries have gone by and when will this world be successful in doing justice to this great soul by properly translating his works?
3.But you be the better judge.

60th Comment: — Examine the translation of the words Weeds so Loathly.

1.Roma Gill translates as Traditionally the marriage bed was strewn with flowers
2.Refer page number 1220 of Oxford dictionary edited by JB Sykes. Word WEEDS when used in plural is a (widows) deep mourning worn by a widow. I dont think in any culture flowers are seen strewn over the bed of a mourning widow.

3.Even if we concede for a while with her, how do you explain the word loathly following weeds? How will Roma Gill explain the flowers strewn over a marriage bed to be with a feeling of disgust? When Shakespeare keeps discussing about the harms of union before marriage, to make the children to desist from such unholy practice, Roma Gill encouraging the practice with ornate, flower strewn beds of marriage or nuptials would have a harmful affect upon the adolescent children of ISC culminating into a dreadful and disproportionate height of intellectual pollution upon the minds of innocent Indian children.I feel it safe and logical to go by the word meaning option separation for the word weeds (See Para 905 0f Rogets)
4.Now you be the better judge.

11TH COMMENTSee the translation of the lines 152 to 158.

1.W.Turner tries to impress us that Prospero is groaning and filling the sea with his saline tears. But to me it does not appear to be so. Read this dialogue carefully I think the sea is groaning not Prospero and that groaning of the sea is due to the defeat it felt because Prospero over came it. This groaning of the sea had raised his morale and this surge in morale helped him to gather the power and courage to sustain against the events to follow.

2.Now let us take a look at Roma Gills editing in this context. She happily and with true dedication accepts the Turners absurdity and boldly goes a step further to make the issue more amusing. May be being a woman she takes the words bear up to connote child bearing and takes us all to the department of Gynecology right into the labor room to give us a feel of the miseries a woman goes through at the time of child bearing to understand the groaning of Prospero.

3.Now dont start chuckling! I have another amusing issue to share with you pertaining to this dialogue. I beg your pardon but may I ask you how would you add beauty to the sea and make it appear pleasing to the eye when I drop you along with your three year old child in to the sea? Do you find the sea decorated with you and your child struggling for your lives? But this is how Roma Gill feels. For her the meaning of the word decked in this context is decorated and adorned.

4.Now pick up Rogets and go to the Para 211 and you will find an option floor as a meaning for word deck. Now pick up oxford dictionary edited by JB Sykes and go to page 375, under the meaning number 5 you find a meaning over came for the word floor.

5.However you be the better judge.

31st comment:-Examine the translation of words for no kind of traffic
1.This is the greatest dialogue of The Tempest and see how absurdly the lines of this dialogue have been mauled by W.Turner.

2.W.turner translates as#61672;no commerce or trade would be allowed. Roma Gill#61672;no commerce.

3.But if I make you a king or emperor would you stop all the trade and commerce? Then how would you live? Here I think the word traffic is totally misinterpreted by W.Turner and Roma Gill.

4.Then what must be the meaning of the word traffic to be right in this context? Traffic#61672;traffic in human beings (consult a dictionary of legal terms) i.e. the sale and purchase of human beings like any other commodity amounting to trading human beings as slaves. This was considered disgusting by Shakespeare and through Gonzalos dialogue he expresses it.

5.However you be the better judge.

32nd Comment Examine the words No name of magistrate
1. W.Turner#61672; No name of magistrate#61672; I would not have such an office as that of a magistrate.

2. In other words W.Turner means to say that Gonzalo would do away with the judicial system. But can we live with the judicial system or the system of listening to the petitions and redress of grievances removed from the society? Shakespeare presents the character of Gonzalo as a noble one and would an intellectual like Shakespeare write such meaningless and absurd dialogue for a noble character?
3. Now let me explain this dialogue in a saner and logically acceptable manner. Pick up a dictionary of Legal terminology and look for the meaning of the word Name and the meaning would be discrimination. So I think Shakespeare is suggesting that there should not be any discrimination in the appointment of the magistrates by way of favoritism or nepotism. 4. However you be the better judge.

33rd CommentExamine the words Letters should not be known
1.W.Turner#61672;Letters#61672;no learning; no education from books.

2.Roma Gill#61672;Letters#61672;no literature, no academic education.

3.Now I feel W.Turner is taking us to the Platos ideals of education that man should learn from the Nature while Roma Gill is for complete abolition of literature and academic system of education.

4.Do you feel that an intellectual of Shakespeares stature would suggest such absurdities? What is the logic behind this kind of conveyance? In my opinion I think we should take an appendage marque as an implied appendage and assume that Shakespeare is suggesting the letters of marque giving a meaning amounting to crime and criminals i.e. he wants the society to be free of crimes and criminals. Refer Para 791 of the Rogets to be convinced.

5.However you be the better judge.

34th CommentExamine the words riches, poverty and use of service, none
1.W.Turner#61672;There should be no riches or poverty nor utilizing the service of the other people.

2.Roma Gill#61672;use of service#61672;keeping servants.

3.Can you be a cobbler, carpenter, barber, potter etc., and all rolled into one? If such interdependence is to be absent, the concept of society would not have come into the being. Will a person of Shakespeares stature suggest such dis-association in the society? Can we live if such interdependency is abolished and forbidden?
4.By using words riches and poverty Shakespeare must be trying to talk about economic reforms pertaining to reduction of gap between the rich and the poor by proper distribution of wealth by avoiding its concentration in fewer hands.

5.While we are at examining the words use of service I suggest that we take the words use of as a pair and adopt the meaning suggestions made at Para 613 of the Rogets and pick the option habit of or the tradition of.

6.Now while dealing with the word service we must adopt the options made out at Para 749 and opt for the meaning serfdom the tradition of propagating or encouraging slavery. If you do so you will be doing justice to Shakespeare and save his face from the prospect of shame of being looked upon as the insane man by the upcoming generations.

7.However you be the better judge.

35th Comment examine the meaning of the word contract
1.W.Turner#61672;contract#61672;agreement between man and man
2.Roma Gill#61672;contract=#61672;bargaining and property dealing
3.According to me we should pick up an option from Rogets Para 806 and the perfect word meaning in this context would be encumbrance i.e. a state of restrictions.

4.However you be the better judge.

The Merchant of Venice
The work is under translation and moving at the Snails pace since the mistakes are innumerable. I have translated only two Acts till now and to my horror there are 140 comments made till now only in two Acts and imagine what would be the score when I complete the other three Acts. some samples are appended below for you perusal and appraisal.

133rd Comment:— Examine the earlier meanings and comments upon the word It were.cerecloth.
1.According to W Turner Rib to enclose. The cerecloth was waxed cloth, used to enclose a body in the coffin. Morocco says that lead would never be good enough for her wrapping when in the dark grave; much less worthy than to enclose her picture while she is alive.

2.For Roma Gill lead would be too crude to enfold rib the winding sheet when she is buried.

3. Here I suggest you to opt for the meaning option Shoe from the options listed under the Para 215 of the Rogets for the word Rib. In other words Morocco is discarding the lead box calling it unfit even to keep the shoes of Portia so finding her picture in it would be ridiculous and impossible. As we Hyderabads people say uske jhootha rakhneka be kabil nahin hai.

4.However you be the better judge
87th Comment:—-Examine the meaning of the pair of words Father, in
1.W.Turner brings in another some CN Pooler to orchestrate his absurdities and quotes him to have averred that the sentence is dislocated and inconsequent, but to make Lancelot Coherent is to undo Shakespeares work.

2.The Oxford Universitys Roma Gill gives the meaning of the word in as go into and avers that off the stage by implication into Bassanios house. . Read the last two lines of this dialogue. Where do you think that Launcelot is going? Or would you agree if I take a suggestion from Roma Gills dialogue that Bassanio and Shylock the Jew, have maintained a common residence?
3.Here we should take the meaning of the word Father as The God the almighty going by the Rogets Para 976 and the meaning of the word in as heart going by the Rogets Para 221. Out of gratitude for having been bestowed with employment, Launcelot is stating that the heart of Bassanio is at par with the heart of the God in the heavens above when the quantum of kindness is considered. Now I would like to call your attention to the first dialogue of this scene. Dont you see that Shakespeare had called Shylock an incarnation of the devil himself? What is the harm if he presents Bassanio almost to be the incarnation of the God himself?
4. One to be respected and be called a gentleman should honestly admit when some expression of Shakespeare is not decipherable but calling this great soul incompetent using words of the nature of dislocated or inconsequent, almost amounts to a cruel crime in my eyes.

5.However you be the better judge
90th Comment:—Examine the meaning of the word Table
1.Let us examine the averments of W.Turner which run as Table is a technical term in palmistry, meaning the palm of the hand on which the lines are read. It is enough to remember that Shakespeare depicts Launcelot as overjoyed by his good luck, and makes him speak in a confused and excited manner
2.For Roma Gill of the Oxford University the palm is a table and Launcelot pretends to be a palmist, telling his fortune, by looking at his hand.

3.W.Turner appears to be talking about the tables of the nature of Time Tables or Scientific Tables etc. There are tables used by fortune-tellers but these tables are used by the astrologers. They are usually in the form of various squares which they call rooms and tell you that the sun is in the 9th room while the jupitor is engaged in ringing the calling bell of the 5th room and eventually will enter into it soon in which case your wife would elope away with some dark complexioned neighbor so immediately without any delay you must rush and take a jump into the Hussain Sagar lake in Hyderabad or face the disgrace.

4.Go around and ask a dozen palmists available in your vicinity and ask them whether they use tables like the astrologers? A palmist would take a good magnifying glass and take a very serious peer at your palm, with the brow knitted, and having primed up your curiosity would tell you that the secret and adulterous affair you are having with your neighbors daughter-in-law will come to her husbands knowledge, soon as this crawly line touches this horizontal line on this area under this index finger called the mount of jupitor which may happen any time during this week. Therefore I advice you to run away from Hyderabad to some far off place or face a death at the hands of her husband. Pardon me I was just joking with you to keep you amused, since you got used to such amusing words of Roma Gill like misadventures of the men at sea and how they end up in syphilis wards eventually while reading the Tempest.
5.In my opinion this word Table must be taken with an implied appendage as the Table of the Lord and select a meaning option Place of Worship listed under the Para 1000 of the Rogets.

6.However you be the better judge.

12th Comment:– Examine the translation of the words sleep when he wakes
1.W.Turner translates the words as be sleepy in waking hours.

2.For Roma Gill be still and silent during the day as if he were asleep.

3.Refer Rogets Para 683. I suggest you to opt for the meaning option inactivity for the word sleep.

4..Refer Rogets Para 65. I suggest you to opt for the meaning option continue for the word wake.

5.If you select such logically sound meaning options you would be translating authentically as If one continues to stay inactive would gradually slip into a mental depression. Generally a man who does not keep himself occupied had been seen to get his mind crowded with pessimistic thoughts and the brooding which would eventually make him slip into a mental depression. This is clearly stated by Shakespeare in Julius Caesar. We find Brutus frantically searching for a book to read, secondly calls for the company of people like Claudius and verro and thirdly asks Lucius to play some music at an odd time of a night. All these frantic efforts were for diversion so that he would not brood about the loss of his dear wife and ultimately slip into a dreadful depression.

6.However you be a better judge.

13th Comment:– Examine the meaning of the word Jaundice
1.In this context W.Turner is of the opinion that gradually work himself into a jaundiced or liverish state
2.According to Roma Gill of Oxford University press the disease that turns the skin yellow. It was thought by the Elizabethans to be associated with jealous or bad temperpeevishness
3. .Refer Rogets Para 837. I suggest you to opt for the meaning option depression for the meanings listed under this Para for the word Jaundice.

4.However you be the better judge.

34th Comment;–Examine the meaning of the words Deaths- head
1.According to W Turner the emblem of a skull with two bones crossed underneath was known as a deaths head. It was often carved on tomb stones as an emblem of mans mortality..

2.For Roma Gill of the Oxford University Press the deaths head is just a skull. .

3.Refer Rogets Para 837 the meaning of the word Deaths-head should be depression.

4.However you be the better judge
36th Comment;– Examine the meanings of the word He is every man in no man
1.According to W Turner he has every mans faults but he is no man at all
2.For Roma Gill He has every body elses characteristics and no personality of his own
3.Refer Rogets Para 78 and the meaning option for word Every in this context should be general i.e. man in general appearance
4.Refer Rogets Para 861 and the meaning option of the word No Man should be No courage in this context. Then a meaningful translation would be as he is a man in general appearance but womanishly a coward.

5.However you be the better judge
38th Comment;–Examine the meaning of the words If I should marry him I should marry twenty husbands.

1.According to W Turner If I should marry him, I should be as if married to twenty husbands. Does this translation make any meaning to you? See the Notes Section of W Turner, he deals only with one word Throstle and discusses nothing about all the grandiloquent words used by the great Shakespeare in this dialogue.

2.I am hopelessly confused to understand as to how marrying this French lord would amount to the ordeal of having been married to twenty husbands. Is this an exaggerated reference to the virility of this French lord or is Portia scared that this French lord would ultimately turn out to be a pimping tout and would consign her to some French Brothel?
3.Refer Rogets Para 694 and I would suggest you to pick up the meaning option as twenty managers or administrators for the word twenty husbands. A woman apart from the prospects of progeny and procreation looks for a good administrator in her suitors and going by the jittery nature she perceives in respect of this French lord she doubts his administrative potentiality.

4.However you be the better judge.

66th Comment:—Examine the meaning of the word Sonties
1.W.Turner in his Notes section makes some wild suggestions like we find in another Elizabethan, Gods Santy here the young researchers must notice that with a subtle dexterity Turner had replaced letter o of the Shakespeares text with letter a i.e. Gods health, perhaps it was customary to swear by the health of the deity. Or it may mean by the saints. Then this will amount to that if some human being like me who is of evil repute of being the worst liar of India swears by the health of god and lies, the god would be prone to suffer some terminal disease like AIDS or Cancer and eventually be destined to die? I dont know whether Christians of this era or the ones of the Elizabethan era are or were to be, or to have been in the habit of praying for the health of the god, but according to our Hindu Scriptures we consider the god to be almighty and seek his blessings to grant us good health rather than be assuming his health to be at our hands. Since almost all of the world religions consider the god to be the immortal would it be necessary or logical for some human beings to discuss his health aspect?
2.Roma Gill, leaves alone the gods but stays with the saints of W.Turner.She observes that Sonties are saints and the old Gobbo is identified by her to have been speaking a country dialect. These two have made the Shakespearean literature very amusing to read, surpassing the amusement provided by the Laurel and Hardy to the silver screen by reducing his conveyance to a Peter Seller comedy.

3.To understand this mysterious word the young researchers may have to take a look at my argument while bringing out the meaning of the word Windring in my translation of The Tempest which Roma Gill had mischievously changed to wandering. Here in the same way I wish you bisect this word with a hyphen as Son-Ties. Now going by the Para 167 of the Rogets I advise you to pick up the meaning option Family for the word son.

4.Now going by the meaning options listed under Para 43 of the Rogets I suggest you to pick up the meaning option Attachments for the word Ties. Keeping in view that Gobbo is engaged in a frantic search of his son the meaning Family attachments logically fits into this context.

5.However you be the better judge.
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