Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill Winston Churchill was one of the greatest prime ministers Great Britain ever had. Winston Churchill was born on November 30,1874 in Oxford , England. His father was Lord Randolph Churchill. Winston had a neglected child hood and was sent to Royal Military collage at Sand Hurst. Winston served in Sudan , India in 1899 at the Malakand field force. He Became a correspondent during the Boer War. He was captured in1899 – 1900 during the war.

He ecasaped during his imprisonment and became a National Hero , which made him become well known. Winston was elected in 1900 to parliament. He switched from Conservative to Liberal parties. Winston retried to parliament in 1906 as a liberal. In 1907 he was appointed to privy councilor.

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He became President of Board of Trade from 1908 – 1910. Churchill served as secretary of state for home affairs. Churchill became a vigorous modernizer of the Navy in 1911. His role in WWI was controversial and almost ruined his career. He was Head of fire staff which was recognized for fast battle ships and 15inch guns. Churchill developed the Royal Navy air force.

The Navy became the first power weapon against Germany. He joined Lloyd Georges coalition in 1917 – 1922. He was in the cabinet and filled several important positions. In 1924 Winston became chancellor of the Exchequer in Stanley Baldwin conservative government. The world was in a hurry to fight another war and on September 3 , 1939 WWII started.

Just eight months into the war on May 10 , 1940 Chamberlain was forced to resign and Churchill took over as Prime minster. Germanys army was highly advanced and was sweeping Europe , there technology was far superior to the rest of Europes. Churchill needed weapons fast and was forced to turn to the Americans who were not in the war yet. FDR called it the Lend Lease Act which gave England ships , weapons and supplies in exchange for military bases. The fate of Britain was on Churchills soirees and his pugnacity and rousing speeches kept Britain strutting along. Churchill called it the beginning of the end of the war.

There was meeting called Yalta to decide what do with Europe after the war , They were ( Churchill , Stalin , FDR ). When the War was over Churchills term was running out. In next election he lost the Labor party. He was shocked and went on speech runs convincing people he was a better Prime minister for the period. He was reelected in 1951 – 1955.

He finished out his term and died on January 24 , 1965 ( Age of 90 ). Winston was buried at Blado near Blienhiem Palace. Winston Churchill was one of the greatest prime ministers Great Britain ever had because he got them threw one of the worst wars ever to take place with out surrendering the Country. If he was not the leader in the 40s I dont think Britain would get threw WWII.