Wild Meat And The Bully Burgers

Wild Meat and the Bully Burgers Wild Meat and the Bully Burgers Pages 3-82 In the beginning, Lovey and her best friend, Jerry, are watching the Shirley Temple movie before they go to church. They never get to see the end because they have to go and leave. They make up the endings and cry in the middle of the pastor’s sermon. On Lovey’s birthday, Jerry would make her a gift certificate from the toy store for $500. Lovey is very embarrassed to be speaking pidgin English. She doesn’t tell anyone, not even Jerry, how she is ashamed of how she talks, looks, or even where she lives.Lovey secretly wants to be haole, but she knows that she can’t.

Everyone in her class has a very hard time speaking proper English, and the teacher yells at them for not being able too. Lovey has a hard time in math class and gets teased for being Japanese. It’s as if the rest of the students expect her to be smart just because she is Japanese. Lovey is supposed to write her own obituary for her English class. It gets her thinking about death, and consequently she thinks about it all the time.Lovey dreams and fantasizes about being haole. She thinks up of the perfect house with all the trimmings.

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She wants to marry a haole so she can have a haole last name. Lovey makes haole friends so that she can sleep over their houses and eat their food. Her father says that she is crazy for wanting to be friends with haoles, and that she should stop.Lovey and her family do many things together. They sit on the back porch picking fleas off of their dogs, squeezes blackheads off of her mothers back, count all white cows, sing war songs, and pick macadamia nuts for extra money. A normal Sunday afternoon would be their Mother smoking Parliaments on the porch of their house, grumbling about white hairs, and Lovey picking fleas off of their dogs. Lovey and her sister, Calhoon, goes to their Aunt Helen’s on Saturdays while their mother sews leis or cashiers at the Lei Stand for extra money. They watch the old crazy ladies stand behind the fence, muttering to themselves.

Lovey wants to become pregnant just like her neighbor Katy is. She secretly dresses up and acts like she is pregnant. Her mother tells her that it is hard because there is a lot of pain that comes with labor. Lovey’s mother gives her an at home perm. It’s called a Toni Perm, and it gets messed up bad. Lovey comes out with an Afro, and Calhoon teases her about it and calls her an Oompah Loompah.Lovey is given rabbits to breed and take care off.

She loves them very much, but one day the cages are torn open by wild dogs that kill all the rabbits. To make Lovey feel better, her father plays home movies, and Calhoon threatens to kill the dogs with their fathers gun. Calhoon never lies. She tells Lovey one day, while they are out hunting, not to shoot the Japanese blue pheasant or it will haunt her.

Calhoon and her Father both have the ghost eye. They can see ghosts in their house and are drawn to them.Since Lovey killed the bird, she now is awakened by a ghost that bothers her in the middle of the night. Lovey’s father bought a cow to raise so that they could kill it, and eat it. Calhoon and Lovey get to attached to it and name it Bully. One day, the kitchen smells of wild meat. Their father is cooking hamburgers.

After the first bite, none of them can finish eating it.They realize that it is a Bully burger. Pages 85-116 Everyone at school tease Lovey and Jerry for being friends.

No one understands what they are to each other. They do have many things in common and are the best of friends. Lovey and Jerry play Barbie together, and Jerry steals Barbie clothes from his rich cousin, Ingrid.Jerry’s brother, Larry, goes into Lovey’s room one day, and marks up the Barbie and cuts her hair. Lovey is devastated and they swear to get even. Halloween comes, and they go trick-or-treating at the rich peoples houses on Reed’s Island. They give out real chocolate, and lots of candy.

Jerry finds a bag full of marijuana in Larry’s shoe box under his bed.He brings it over to Lovey’s and they decide to roll it and sell it so that they can get money to buy more Barbies that Larry had messed up. After they had sold all the dope, the go over to Wigwam to buy all the Barbie stuff.

They run home and stash it in the back of Lovey’s closet. The next time that they go over to Jerry’s house, Larry is there with his friends and they want to know where their dope is. Larry and his friends beat Jerry and Lovey up for taking it.They laugh at how much they bleed, and blame it on each other. Pages 118-180 For the first time, Lovey has gotten her period. She is very scared that everyone can tell that she has it.

She doesn’t want anyone to know, because she will be teased at school. Lovey’s teacher French-braids her hair everyday.She loves her teacher very much. She spends her school days with her, getting her lunch, taking role, and then she even starts to sleep over her house, and do the chores. Jerry and Lovey go there almost everyday, helping out around the house. One night, the teacher tells them about God. How in the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses says only 44,000 can live on earth after God destroys the planet.

She wants them to be one of the 44,000 that live. One night they hear the teacher laughing hysterically with a green glow coming from her r …