Why Schools Need The Grading System

Why Schools Need The Grading System C.D. 1/5/99 New School Policy Essay School Number (WHATEVER SCHOOL) is considering a new policy.Students will not receive grades in any classes.

Before passing this policy,the principal wants to know how it will affect students.This new policy can have some good effects and bad effects.How would it affect teachers?How would it affect students who plan to go to collage?How would it affect students who usually get bad grades?All these things have to be taken into consideration.In the following paragraphs I will state what I think of this new policy. If students don’t recieve grades,how would parents know how their son is doing.Students will not do their homework as much because they are not being graded,so why do it.Why study for tests if its not going to make a difference if you did?If the student needs extra help in a certain class,nobody would know.It would be completely changing hundreds of years of tradition.

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Grades and school go together to good to just break up the connection altogether.I think report cards are definately needed in schools. School relies on grades.

Grades are needed to see what your good and bad in.If you want to be a scientist,you have to know if your good in it.You would also want to go to the right collage.Without grades,none of that is possible without confussion.Grades are useful in a variety of ways,not just to know how you are doing,but to know how others are doing.

If you are a manager of a store,and you are looking for a cashier to hire,you don’t want to hire anyone bad in math.You have to know what they are good at in order place them in a position.Grades can provide that type of information. Getting back to the point I made earlier,I strongly believe students will slack off on their homework and tests,because it just woulden’t matter anymore.

You could work on your homework for five hours,and do an extremly good job on it,and their just woulden’t be that A+ to be proud of.So that student will eventually start slacking more and more off his homework.That will lead to failure in life.Grades are good for students who are doing bad,cause they can get the help they need to improve themselves.

They can say,I got a F in math,I’ll try my hardest to bring that grade up.I think grades are definatly needed in school.Without them,what ould school be for.It’s a place where you to learn.Without grades,how will you prove you are learning.

You go to school to see what you are good in to mabye make a career out of it.You won’t know what you are good at,cause you can’t prove yourself right.Their is nothing backing you up,or encouraging you to move on to a higher level on a subject.You won’t even know how you are donig,cause you need to be tested and graded in order to find out. Acceptance Essays.