Which are the effects of cellphone messaging on te

enagers? Slavery orWhich are the effects of cellphone messaging on teenagers? Slavery or freedom?We hear a lot these days about instant messaging, – the ability to get/send a text message from/to anyone, anywhere, via wireless networks and some kind of portable device, which might be a fancy pager, a digital cellphone or a palmtop computer. The technology is here, though it doesn’t work everywhere yet.

We could argue about how affordable or reliable instant messaging is, but we can’t deny it exists and will probably become more widespread. But is this a good thing? In my opinion, there are certain ways in which cellphone messaging affects many teenagers.Some teenagers believe that with the text message communication, enables them to express their feelings freely and sincerely to someone.

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This is why they like to be plugged-in with it all day long. I think that it depends on each person when considering if cellphone messaging is a kind of slavery or freedom because I belief in free will, therefore each of us have the choice of doing it or not. There are times when it’s good, to ask for homework, to reach you in an mall, on a bus, at the theatre, or to call your mom so that she can pick you up from someplace. The important thing may be to know when to leave the cellphone or pager at home. Unfortunately, for some people, the fact that these things exist creates the expectation that they’ll always use them. People need time away from work, time to be with their families, or with their cats, time to study, or just time to be alone. Many teenagers are forgetting that, and technology is making it too easy for them to do so.

And yet, in the end I think it is a good thing, because an instant text message is less intrusive than a phone call. Anyone can send you a message, but you only have to deal with those that matter. That’s better than the cell phone, which more or less forces you to answer without knowing if the call is important or not. But, instant text messaging isn’t so great after all. We just don’t need more technology to help others intrude on what little private time we have left. When instant messaging is common, people will expect instant answers.

If we’re wise, we will resist. Quick response is good when it matters, but there’s more to life than being available anytime, anywhere.Teenagers must consider the importance of being concentrated when studying. Otherwise, we wont be able to learn in a good way. Things are done in a better way if we do them each at a time. Most of the effects of cellphone messaging on teenagers may be negative due to the fact that theyre used just to chat and gossip and not for important stuff, as used by adults.

When a teacher is giving a new class, we may be distracted by a text massage. If we dont pay attention, more probably, well get a low grade on the next quiz. But that does not only represents a bad grade, but an emptiness in the students memory because he might have lost or misunderstood a concept that may be important to comprehend further theories or themes. Text messaging may also become a vice, and anyone could even become an addict. Some teenagers may eat in a wrong way or not even eat at all, just to answer to a message. Also, people may become very dependant to the cellphone messages and produce anxiety or other negative effects when they are unable to have it. At some extremes, they may cause problems with someones relationships because he/she cant just leave the phone. We can think of many other effects of cellphone messaging on teenagers.