What Is An American

What Is An American What is an American? The traits of the typical American has changed drastically throughout the years. We have changed in many ways from when we officially became independent in 1776 to the present time in 2001. Some of the metamorphosis we have undergone as a country have been for the better, others for the worst. In the twentieth and now the twenty-first centuries, the American society has grown up with new ideas on life and new technology that has become a part of life.

The Modern American can be described as someone who is hardworking, self-made, and electronically advanced. Women used to stay home and take care of the house while their husbands worked.Now women are working in the same fields as men, even in high prestige jobs such as doctors, lawyers, and presidents of well-known companies. Todays American makes his or her money by working hard. The typical American worker starts at the bottom and works hard get to the top. Everywhere, people are using devices such as cellular phones, 2-way pagers, laptop computers, and other devices that were not available before and have now become an important part of the way Americans live. Americans have been disappointing over the past ten years or so. Problems have escalated in drug use, hate crimes, and other negative actions such as teenage pregnancy.

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King 2 There have been several improvements in the state of Americans like the reduced rate of smoking and homicides. It is important to progress in the fighting of drug use, hate crimes, as well as our other problems to improve todays society. The actions of Americans now will affect the society in the future, whether it is one year from now or one-hundred years from now, which makes it important to choose what is best for the nation. Being an American, I possess some of the traits that the Modern American possess. I am hard worker, holding a demanding after school job and keeping up with my studies at the same time.I am part of the electronic craze that has taken over the world within the last ten years. My beliefs are that electronics are the key to success in the future so I wish to keep myself knowledgeable in this aspect. Along with many of my fellow teenagers, I am independent.

I can think, act, and make important decisions on my own without the help of someone telling me how to live my life. I do not believe that I am part of our societys problem, but that I am part of its solution.It is important for every American to demonstrate high qualities because a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. In this case it means that our society can only prosper with the collective help of all of its members. Modern Americans have greater, more difficult issues to deal with every day. It has become more complex to go through life without hitting a few bumps on the way.

As the nation grows older, it must be maintained that we were given our freedom but not to the extent of abusing it.Modern Americans must strive to improve society and to make the United States a better place to live now, and in the future. American History.