Was it Really independance

The American Revolution was forced upon the Americans by the cruel
treatment from the British. On May 10 of 1775 the Second Continental
Congress gathered in Philadelphia, one month after the fighting broke out.

There, delegates from each of the 13 colonies would decide on independence.

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A Declaration of Independence was required to state why the 13 colonies
were separating from the British Empire. With this, POW’s could demand to
be treated as prisoners instead of traitors and aid coul d be sought from
Britain’s enemies. The Declaration of Independence consisted of the
preamble, the middle section and a section declaring independence. The
most important part, the preamble, justifies the rights of the American
citizens. It declar es that “men are created equaland…are endowed by
their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life,
liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” That sentence still remains a
truth with the Americans today. Jefferson wrote the preamble with the help
of John Locke and Rousteu. Within the preamble Jefferson writes that the
people, “to secure these rights…whenever any form of government becomes
destructive…it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it.” It
gives the people of America the freedom to impeach untrustworthy rulers and
dictators if they wish to. The freedom that Thomas Jefferson gave us is
still in practice today. The middle section justified why the colonists
were revolting against the Britis h Empire. Here Jefferson writes that the
King of Great Britain “is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations.”
He reminds the reader that the King has refused to allow the Governors to
pass important laws “necessary for the public good,” obstru cted the
administration and that the king is sending over large armies to “complete
the works of death.” The third section officially declares independence in
writing. The entire effort to complete the Declaration of Independence was
done by Thomas Jefferso n, John Adams, Ben Franklin, Roger Sherman and
Robert Livingston. In order to pass the declaration all of the
representatives had to vote yes for independence. In one of the earlier
drafts a statement roughly 175 words gave black slaves independence . The
south however did not agree and threatened not to pass the declaration.

Knowing that nothing would get done if it was not passed, John Adams gave
up the war to allow for that to clause remain in the declaration. The
declaration was officiall in effect on July 4, 1776.