War Of 1812

1. INTRODUCTION: Video of the War of 1812 or the Patriot(2 Min)
2. OVERVIEW: The purpose of this period of instruction is to familiarize you with The War of 1812. To do this we will cover the start of the War of 1812 and significant names and events. This period of instruction is in relation to Marine Corps history.

a. TERMINAL LEARNING OBJECTIVE: Without the aid of notes and in accordance with the Battle History of the U.S. Marine (A Fellowship of Valor) book, describe The War of 1812.

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b. ENABLING LEARNING OBJECTIVES: Without the aid of notes and in accordance of the references:
(1)State what started The Battle of 1812 (CPLX1.1a)
(2)State significant names and events of The War of 1812 (CPLX1.1b)
4.METHOD / MEDIA: I will present this material using the lecture method, with the aid of placards.

5.EVALUTAION: This will be a posttest after this period of instruction.

TRANSITION: Since there are no questions on the learning objectives, the method I will use to present this period of instruction or the way in which you will be evaluated, lets take a look at the beginning of the War of 1812.

BODY: (5 Min)
1.Why and who started the War of 1812.

a.(On Placard #1 The start of the War of 1812.) The brief period of peace that followed the Tripoli misadventures ended with a military confrontation between the United States and its former adversary Great Britain
When diplomatic efforts failed the U.S. Congress declared war against England on June 18, 1812.

b.On June 18, 1812 The Marine Corps, now under the leadership of Lieutenant Colonel Commandant Franklin Wharton, 45 Philadelphian, commenced war with 493 officers and men.

TRANSITION: We now know the beginning of The War of 1812, why and who started the war. Now lets look at some significant events of the war.

2.Significant Events of The War of 1812
a. (On Placard #2 Events of The War of 1812.) Americans by no means won the majority of battles in this ragged war, and the Marines suffered the same defeats. On June 1, 1813 the American frigate, Chesapeake clashed with HMS Shannon and quickly closed for the kill.

b.January 1815, Captain Daniel Carmick and 300 Marines defended a key segment of Andrew Jacksons defensive line against repeated charges by the British.

c.The final land battle of The War of 1812 took place before news of the earlier armistice could reach American and British troops facing each other just below New Orleans (Off Placard #2).

PRACTICE: Not required.

PROVIDE HELP: Not required
TRANSITION: Now that we have covered some significant events on The War of 1812, are there any questions?
a.What started the War of 1812?
b.Answer: A military confrontation between the United States and its former adversary Great Britain.

1.We have covered the start of The War of 1812 and some significant events and names in Marine Corps History. With this valuable information, you can instruct your Marines on Marine Corps history, maybe someday we will be reading about you in a history book.

2. At this time, take a 5-minute break.