[WALKTHROUGH] Up to The bottom of the Well. Zora’s Domain: Get two blue flames from the ice cavern, and melt King Zora and the shopkeeper’s red ice with it. King Zora will talk to you and give you the Zora’s Tunic, a blue vest that will allow you to stay underwater for an indefinate ammount of time. Make sure to buy a bottled fairy from the shopkeeper if you don’t own one allready. You’ll definantely need it.

Water Temple: The Water Temple is located under the island in Lake Hylia that has a dead tree on it. Use your Iron Boots to float down to the bottom of the lake, and use the hookshot on the large gem above the entrance. Hitting it with the hookshot will allow access to the temple. The gem will float up to the top of the water and will act like a beacon to always tell you where the temple is located. [Image]Some people say that its the hardest, other say its easy, but all agree on one thing: this level is HUGE! Find the large pool of water and drop down (this room will be referred to as the dungeon’s “main” room) to the bottom by wearing the Zora’s Tunic and the Iron Boots. Find the tunnel with two metal torches underwater and enter it.

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You’ll meet Ruto, the princess you saved inside Jabu-Jabu’s belly seven years ago. She’ll leave, and when she does, unequip your Iron Boots. Float up to the top and you’ll find a triforce symbol etched into the wall. Play Zelda’s Lullabye to lower the water to the bottom level. Go back down to the room where you met Ruto and light the two torches by shooting an arrow through the lit torch (huh?) or by using Din’s Fire.

The metal bars will raise over the doorway, and open the chest inside to get a silver key. Make your way back to the main room. Go to the opposite side of the room, and push the moon block into a hole at the tunnel’s entrance. Enter it and stop when you find a room with a crystal switch. Hit the switch with any weapon and jump on top of the water spout.

This will serve as a stepping stone for you to cross the chasm. The next room contains a whirlpool. Trying to swim in it will prove futile, so use your Iron Boots to sink down to the bottom. Using the hookshot, hit the crystal switch in the statue’s mouth and while the underwater gate is open, find the hookshot target inside the passage to pull yourself up to the passage. You’ll find two clam-like enemies. You can only use your hookshot underwater to protect yourself, so avoiding them will prove better off for yourself and your hearts.

Take off your Iron Boots at the dead end and get the Silver Key at the top. Go back into the dungeon’s main room. Take a right and look at the long pillar in the center. Open the door, and go inside it. In order to gain height in here, you must shoot the hookshot targets with your hookshot.

Find the Triforce Symbol, and play Zelda’s Lullabye near it. The water will flood the dungeon half-way. Equip the Iron Boots and sink down to the first floor part of the pillar. Watching for spikes, find a hole in the ground, and sink down to the Basement. Hit the crystal switch in the room, and a few enemies will drop down. Keep your distance and blast them all with your hookshot.

Float up where the grate dissapeared (accessible after you defeat the enemies) and get the silver key in the room. Make your way into the pillar room. Float up to the second floor and open the door. It will be covered in Iron Bars after you exit. Go left and swim to a door.

Open it. Instead of hitting the crystal switch immediately, go near the geyser and wait for a Textike to drop down. Kill it, and get on top of the water spout. Hit the crystal switch to make the water rise. You’ll go up to the third floor.

Exit the room and play Zelda’s Lullabye on the Triforce engraving. The water will flood the dungeon to its highest level. Now, sink down to the bottom witht the Iron Boots and find Princess Ruto’s room. Float up to the top, but do NOT play the Lullabye on the triforce mark. Instead, bomb the wall and get the dungeon map.

Go back to the main room. Open the door on the westernmost part on the map (it will have a block) You’ll now be in a room with a slanted waterway and platforms descending downward. Using the hookshot, climb the platform and make your way into the next room. Inside, your objective is to raise and lower the water so you can get to the door. Just think it through, and you’ll make it to the door. You must fight your shadow in the next room.

He has the same moves as you, and he’ll block your attacks! Use either the Megaton Hammer or the spell Din’s Fire to do damage. Don’t use the stab maneuver, as your shadow can jump onto your sword and hit you with it! You can also use a broken Biggoron sword, you’ll know what I mean. You will eventually win this battle. For more in-depth strategies, see the boss strategy guide. Your prize is the longshot, a longer version than the hookshot.

Find a time block in the back of the room and play the Song of Time to make it disappear. Go down into the hole and you’ll end up in a fast moving stream. There are many whirlpool’s here, so to avoid being swept into them, use your Iron Boots. Go down the stream until you can go no more, and find a gold eye. Shoot it and enter the door above it. Open the chest and get a silver key.

Now, make your way back to the main room. Drop down to Ruto’s room and float up to the triforce symbol. Play Zelda’s Lullaby to lower the water level to the first level. Now go to the main room and to the room in the center and raise the water to the second level. Now go out the door and look for a gate on the second level with an eye under it.

Shoot the eye with an arrow and quickly get out the longshot and aim for the longshot targets. When you are at the other side, turn left and walk down the passageway until you get to a large, pinkish block. Push it as far as it will go, then go to the left. Open the chest to reveal another KEY. Now go to the main room and go to the place to …