Volleyball originally was mintonette by YMCA dir

Volleyball originally was “mintonette” by YMCA director William C. Morgan the man credited with in inventing volleyball in 1895. The game was developed for people who found it difficult to play the sport of basketball. Volleyball involved learning only few skills instead of the many required by basketball. The name was changed to “Volleyball” in 1896 by Alfred T.

Halstead. Adding the skill of spiking which was developed in the Philippines has made the game more difficult over the years. It is a great sport because it could be played on many surfaces, and it doesn’t cost much money, not much equipment is needed, such as in a game like football or hockey. Volleyball quickly became a serious sport, instead of popular fun, which it used to be. People of all ages can play and requires minimum preparation or equipment. It has caught popularity with the exposure it has received from the Olympics and televised tournaments. Today people who just want to have some fun or get a little exercise still play volleyball. But volleyball also developed into a sport that if played for competition would need conditioning, training and a lot of skill.

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It has grown from the few that used to play it at the YMCA to the 90,000 who play in professional tournaments, and the 2.8 million who play it at an organized level.Volleyball has also grown into a popular sport by the addition of indoor and outdoor games. Beach volleyball was started 12 years ago. It has mad volleyball greater than ever, especially in climates such as California and Florida.

Beach volleyball is more difficult than indoor volleyball. “Jumping and running are much more difficult on the sand, you have to be in good shape to play on that surface.” Volleyball is also serving up a profit. With its increased exposure, it has been a sport that many people wanted to play. Twelve courts were built in Cincinnati and were paid for by the players who played on it in three years. Volleyball is now gaining a lot of profit.

This tells you how many people want to play the sport and are willing to pay. Vocabulary1) Strenuous – Vigorously active.2) Recreational – A means of refreshment or diversion.2) Exposure – the condition of being presented to view or made known.4) Conditioning – To put into a proper state for work or use.

I chose this article for many diverse views of modern volleyball. I think that it told me a wide variety of things about volleyball. It showed me things that I could learn, its creation, its expansion and how to enjoy it. It also gave an idea of how volleyball was like in the past and how has it greatly evolved into our modern times. I learned many things from this article.

I learned its great history; it was created in 1895, right here in NYC in the YMCA. I also learned that spiking was not developed till many years after the creation of the game itself. Now it’s a regular part of the game. I also learned of its great increase in popularity. One out of every 98 people in the United States play the game of volleyball in the everyday.

The knowledge of how volleyball came about to be helped me understand its history. Although I don’t think that this will improve my volleyball skills, it has taught me many things about the sport and how it has changed throughout the years.