Views Of Marx And Keynes

Views Of Marx And Keynes Views of Marx and Keynes John Keynes and Karl Marx are two of the most influential and notorious economists of our time. Their views on the economy are very different. Marx was a radical communist while Keynes was a Capitalist and a brilliant intellectual. Their views stem from their upbringing.

Marx was born into a Jewish, middle class family and Keynes was born into a comfortable English social class that considered itself born to rule. Their writings brought their beliefs about the economy lead them into the public eye. Marx wrote the Communist Manifesto and Das Kapital.Both writings sought social upheaval and attacked the capitalist system. Keynes writings include The Economic Consequences of the Peace and The General Theory which revolutionized the way the world thinks about economic problems.

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Marx and Keynes views were and remain widely acknowledged to economists throughout the world through their writings. John Keynes thought there was no necessity for public or government ownership. Instead, he believed that government action was essential.Rather than government ownership, Keynes supported private ownership of the means of production. Karl Marx identified private productive property as the real source of evil.

He believed that possession of economic.