John F. Kennedy said, “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.” I see academics as a similar two-way interaction: in the classroom, I will do much more than take up valuable space. Because of the broad range of experiences I have had, my knowledge of many subjects is thorough. These experiences will help me perform well in any class, as I have learned how to use my time efficiently. Time management is very important to me, because one needs free time with which to engage in other activities — from research to athletics.
I have an everlasting thirst for knowledge. When I know little about a topic, I try to expand my kwowledge to quench that thirst. I look to others for knowledge, but now blindly: if I don’t believe in someone’s ideas, I will stand up for my own beliefs. My mind is open to new ideas.
While work in the classroom is of utmost importance to me, activities outside the classroom are just as important. In this area, I have much to offer. I am an alto saxophone player in both the jazz and concert bands. This is only one way I spend my time, however. I am very interested in the Internet and create web pages for people (I also fix and build computers). I love inline skating and hockey. I am also a die-hard Republican, and I am very involved in politics. In fact, I am the vice-president of the Teenage Republicans club.
Athletics have played a major role in my life. Lacrosse is one of my passions, and I am a defenseman on the lacrosse team. For me, sports combine a competitive spirit with the individual spirit of being part of a team. I also play roller hockey every weekend and am always ready to play a pickup game of basketball or football.
Despite the fact that I have lived in Florida all of my life, my background is somewhat diverse. My parents are both originally from India, and my grandfather was a missionary. It is from him that I must get my strong set of values. My other grandfather was an Indian ambassador to many countries, which is where I get my love of politics. I have visited India three times and have been there for months at a time. The differences between their society and ours have given me a broader outlook on life.

Indeed, my vast array of experiences gives me a well-rounded perspective on the world. I am a synthesis of two conflicting backgrounds, and this has helped shape my personality. These experiences would make me contribute to the diverse UPenn campus. In return, there are many things I hope to gain from my college experience. I have a fairly accurate idea of what I want to do with my life, and that involves the Wharton School at Penn. Wharton School is the best business school in the world, and there I would gain knowledge that would give me limitless possibilities in my journey through life.
Moreover, Penn is in Philadelphia, a city rich in culture and art. Penn will introduce me to new and various things, and I hope to develop new interests from this exposure. I strongly believe one should be exposed to many things throughout one’s life. During my high school years, I have been very involved in school and community activities. In Penn, I hope to continue my involvement in new clubs and activities. My goal is to find a balance between my studies and my social life, and I hope to offer my leadership qualities to my college community.

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