Unjust Bomb

Death is a reality. Men should be conscious of that
reality. I say men, because the willingness to die for
a cause is most likely inherent to our sex. We (the
man) were hunters running after wily beasts, and
nature most likely gave us the cruel gift to be
contentedly conscious of our fate ( the jaws of the
prehistoric predator before us!)
If the soldier can imagine his enemy to be the beast,
then perhaps he can die with this intrinsic honor.

Throw total war away, leave the unprepared civilian

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The death of a civilian, bombarded by the atomic
bomb is beyond all wrongs. The atom bomb is a
manipulated force, the product of the human mind,
misdirected to defile humanity and nature
simultaneously. It gives the victims no time to
prepare their life for their sudden exit, or worse, for
a life tortured by atomic mutilation and shame. May
a human be granted a death of peace, or at least,
one of honor?
The soldier has been forced to accept his role. He
is fighting for his nation, against another nation,
which is his enemy and he, perhaps, can perceive
as evil. Perhaps he has considered his death. This
will give him honor in that death, an otherwise empty

Let they who do not wish to be heroes or enemies,
be. It is indeed morally wrong to end a war by killing
civilians, regardless of whether their lives will save
the lives of soldiers.
To save our American soldiers these bombs were
hurriedly created by physicists under the guidance
of Oppenheimer. Later he would refer to it as the
“scientists sin”.

Perhaps all of human civilization is an atom bomb.

We harness nature, in order to destroy both it and
ourselves. Yet nothing in our civilization is as overt
as the atomic bomb.

Who are these moralists? These moralists who
bear objective truth? There is no truth? The atom
bomb is natural? It is in our nature to destroy
ourselves? So it is inevitable that we would forge
the bomb, that our destructive nature would reach
for the golden apple.

But what is it? Its a vile apple with worms and rot
and dripping poison. We annihilated two cities filled
with human civilians,( not living in a democracy, but
under an emperor, with no influence on the
governments decision to bomb Pearl Harbor), for a
golden bomb. It wasnt gold. The United States
would not extend an apology years after the fact. An
apology would mean nothing. But the absence of a
national apology leaves one wondering if we still
justify Hiroshima? There is no honor in the bomb. It
is not gold. The atom bomb is not just. The bombing
of Hiroshima was immoral beyond justification.

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