Tupac Shakur A Brief Orview

.. hakur 46). Tupac said this statement was given because, “I know the shit that happens because of my music isn’t legally my fault but shit I still feel bad about it”(Powell 46). If that wasn’t enough later in 1992 while Tupac was visiting the set of Fox Television show “In Living Color” Tupac had an altercation with a limo driver; the result was him being arrested and charged with assault, eventually the charges were dropped. Seemingly wherever that Tupac went troubled followed.

Tupac then found himself being charged with assault after he and a group of friends beat up the film directors known as the Huges brothers with a variety of weapons arranging from baseball bats to lead pipes. This incident seemed from him being fired from the movie “Menace II Society” which was later caste to Coolio (a fellow west coast rapper). Later in October of 1993 Tupac was arrested and charged for shooting two off duty police officers in Atlanta Georgia. Just as that drama was beginning to be sorted out he was arrested in New York the following month and accuse of sexually assaulting a fan in his hotel room. In the background of all that controversy Tupac managed to release another album entitled “Strictly for my N.I.

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G.G.A.Z” which featured the smash hits “I get around” and the emotional tribute to women “Keep your head up”.During this time Tupac was featured in two more movies, the first one was entitled “Poetic Justice” co-staring Janet Jackson, where he stirred things up once again by refusing to honor Ms. Jackson’s request to take an AIDS test. The other movie that featured Tupac came out in the spring of 1993 was entitled “Above the Rim”.

Just like he did in the movie “Juice” Tupac adorned the role of a gangster (Shakur interview) On November 30 1994 while waiting in the lobby of a Time Square studio Tupac became the victim of a robbery, he resisted and was shot 5 times, left for dead by his once best friend Biggy Smalls (Armond 14 Sept.). While Tupac was in the hospital Tupac was visited by a man who claimed to be his father.Tupac says, .. I look up [and] there was this nigga that looked just like me [Billy].

And he was my father .. we still didn’t take no blood test but the nigga looked just like me and the other niggas dead [Legs] so now I feel that I’m past the father stage. Tupac shocked the world not only by surviving the onslaught but also by leaving the hospital only a few days later.Tupac was in New York filming a video as well as awaiting the fait of his trial for the sexual assault charges he was indicted for the year before. He would eventually be sentenced to 4 1/2 years in prison.

He would also accuse former rap partner Notorious B.I.G as the person that set him up to be shot. It was these accusations that intensified the supposed east coast west coast rivalry within hip-hop. Now just before Tupac began serving his sentence on sexual assault charges he released his third album “Me Against the World”.

It was on this album that the world heard Tupac’s tribute to his mother entitled “Dear Momma” which depicted his love towards her through her graces and her faults. He raps about his anger towards her drug use but he still appreciates her for everything that she did for him and his brother and sister. After serving a little more than seven months in the New York Correctional Facility Tupac was released on 1.

3 million dollars bail posted by Death Row Records CEO Suge Knight, home of Snoop Dog and The Dog Pound upon Tupac’s request for an appeal. In order for Suge Knight to pay for Tupac’s bail Tupac had to sign into a promissory contract saying that he will make 5 albums for Death Row. He quickly maid noise with the release of his hit song “California Love” a track featuring himself and Dr.Dre. While awaiting his appeal Tupac released a double album entitled all eyes on me. It featured all sorts of artists ranging from R&B groups such as Jodasi to bay area locals Drew Down and Richey Rich. “All Eyes on ME” sold a reported 5 million copies and made more than 92 million dollars for record label Death Row.

It seemed that Tupac was trying to conclude his contract with Death Row as quickly as possible.Ironically while out in bail Tupac had managed to again embroil himself in controversy. He was arrested twice for parole violations and accused of causing a disturbance at the soul train music awards. Reports show that he confronted Notorious B.I.

G back stage about the attempted robbery that happened in November of 1994. On September 7 1996 Tupac and CEO of Death Row Suge Knight had an altercation with a local Las Vegas gang over a ‘turf’ related dispute. Later that night Tupac and Suge left the Mike Tyson Bruce Sheldon fight in Suge’s car followed by a mixture of bodyguards and friends in four other cars. A white Cadillac with 4 people inside pulled along the right side Suge’s black B.M.

W at an intersection along East Flamingo Road.A gunman stepped out and opened fire shooting eighteen bullets towards the car with two semi-automatic handguns. Tupac was shot three times in the chest and once in his abdomen while Suge escaped with minor injuries from shrapnel to his right shoulder. Tupac was brought to University Medical Center. On Friday September 13 1996 Tupac died after six days in critical condition due to respiratory failure and cardio pulmonary arrest. He had undergone 2 surgeries, on Sunday September 15th. In the most recent surgery his right lung was removed.Tupac was pronounced dead at 4:03 pm.

His body was cremated less than 36 hours after Tupac died. Just before Tupac died he issued a statement in Vibe saying, ” ..

why isn’t it hip-hop when I do it? Everybody else can have beef within the music, talk about differences and its ok. Its music, its hip-hop, it’s ground breaking. When I do it it’s war .. all I’m doing is saying that I’m tired of you talking about where you are from (Powell 73).Tupac also issued a public apology to his long time friend Christopher Wallace a.

k.a Biggy Smalls in the song “I aint mad at ya” off of his multi-platinum album “All Eyes on Me” saying that he no longer blames Biggy for the shooting in New York back in 1994. Biggy never accepted his apology (Jones July). When Tupac died he had no money to his name. Although he is arguably the most successful rapper the world has seen with over 12 million copies of his albums sold worldwide and reportedly over 150 million dollars made for Death Row none of the money was his.

Sadly Tupac was shot and killed only weeks before his fifth album was released which would have completed his contract with Death Row.While Tupac was given everything that he would ever need and then some he was not content because he knew that as long that he was popular he would have anything that he needed but he was also practical and knew that he was not going to stay popular forever and wanted to start his own record company entitled “Thug Life” which would have enabled Tupac to save money for his future and more so control his destiny. Tupac believed that he could be more successful if he were able to work for himself and rap about what he believed in. plus he just wanted to be able to be free and do what he wanted (Powell 113). Tupac died like he lived fast and hard. Tupac was a brilliant man in the way of music but what he lacked was that knowledge that only a man could give him.The knowledge about the streets; if you mess with someone they are going to mess with you. Tupac’s ego was just too big.

He wasn’t on the west coast he was in Nevada, he messed with gang members, and they messed with him. He just got hurt in the process. here is the sources cited page.

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