Trouble With Society

Trouble With Society The most troubling thing in our society today is how children treat each other. We try to teach our children to have high morals so they will be honest and kind when they become older.

But how are our children acting when grownups are not around. Kids tend to classify each other by how rich their parents are and how well they dress. To a child who is classified as being poor the ridicule and constant teasing can be overwhelming possibly causing many psychological problems.Kids want a lot of things and as parents we would like to give those things to them. But a lot of the time we can’t afford to. With the rising cost of living it is hard for some people to even put food on the table. With the price of designer label clothes being so high many people can only afford to shop at k-mart. To a child fashion is everything if you don’t look cool than you will not be accepted by others.

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You will be teased and made fun of.I remember when I was in elementary school everybody had nike high top sneakers. Although my family was not poor my mother worked hard for her money and she didn’t think it was necessary to pay fifty dollars for a pair of shoes I would probably ruin in a couple weeks. Well I was so embarrassed when I had to wear the shoes my mom picked up for me from k-mart’s.

I remember the other children laughing at me because I had a pair of cheap sneakers on. Children go through a lot growing up have to use their parents morals to battle today’s social problems. Many things can effect a child’s psychological behavior which in return effects the people around them.Let’s look at the situation that occurred at Columbine High School in Colorado, two children who were social outcasts finally had enough of being teased and made fun of went to school and started shooting their peers. Maybe if they weren’t teased like they were, for not dressing like everyone else or acting like the others, they would have never built up enough anger to do such a thing to other humans.

For a child to have to grow up in a shack of a house with no heat or running water is a tragedy. As the author describes having only one set of clothes can put one at high risk for teasing. If a child is being teased he or she will not want to go to school. And if they are not in school than they won’t learn anything.Education is vital to a person who wants to make it anywhere in life. Another situation discussed by the author is the effect of poverty in adult years. It is really hard to raise children being a single mom. It takes two incomes to have a stable life style.

A parent would do anything for their children including giving up luxuries to put food on the table everyday. It is difficult to get a good paying job if you don’t have the right degrees. It’s hard to try to go to school, to get the skills needed to advance in life, and hold down a low paying job and take care of your children. Poverty effects people throughout their life.It has many psychological effects on people such as mental anguish.

Some people are good at dealing with these problems. A major point we need to get across to our children is to respect others and treat them as you would want to be treated. Our children’s morals have been blown out of the water with this new age independent rebel attitude. Poverty is not a disease it’s real life people just trying to survive.