Three Things I Want To Change This Semester

Three Things I Want To Change This Semester Three Things I Want To Change This Semester I want to do well this semester so I can be proud of what I accomplish and so my mom can be proud too . The problem is just I have to get back into the habit of doing well like doing the things I need to do, such as home work and being organized . That’s why I need to change a lot this semester . The first thing I need to change this semester is my organization . I don’t put papers and my homework assignments in my folder, I just shove the work I did in my backpack .

So when I go to turn it in it’s all destroyed from books and folders . To solve this I should take the extra five seconds and put the papers into my folder so that this stops that problem . This will highly help my organization and just about everything else I need to change this semester. My second goal is to get better grades in all of my classes so I don’t have to go to summer school because I have better things then to go to school in the summer for messing up on something I could have done right the first time . Right when I get home I should do my homework so I don’t have to do it when I get to that class .

I should even set a time for me to do my homework so if I don’t do my work when I get home I have a deadline for my homework . If I accomplish this goal I can have the whole summer of doing thing I want to do . My third and final goal is to improve my attendance because I had really bad attendance last semester caused me to be disorganized and get bad grades . It really wasn’t my fault though because my mom kept dragging me back and forth from Minnesota to California , but I just cant blame my mom because I didn’t do some of the work that I could of done . Which in the end may of helped a little .

If I hadn’t gone to California none of this would have the bad grades would have happened . I know I will get good attendance this semester because I will set a bed time and wake up earlier time so I can make it to school and not miss any work . If I can do this I will be pretty much set. The main problem of this was that if I hadn’t gone to California I would have never had to have any stress about grades, organization, or attendance. My family and I have no reason to go back to California because we packed everything that we had, so the only time I might go back is to visit family but that will be two weeks out of the summer . I won’t miss any school if I go in the summer.

This way I don’t have to go trough the stress of worrying about all the make up work I have to do . This way I can stop the cycle of bad grades . I’m glad to be back in school I started to miss school I know I will do better this semester. NO! I WILL DO BETTER THIS SEMESTER AND ACOMPLISH ALL OF MY GOALS! English Essays.