Thoroughly Modern Millie

Thoroughly Modern MillieThoroughly Modern Millie takes place in the year 1922 in New York. At this point in history all the women wanted equal rites and wanted to have fun. The main characters in this film are Millie Dillmount, Miss Dorothy Brown, Trevor Graydon, Jimmy Smith, and Muzzy.Millie Dillmount is a totally modern woman.

She’s come to the cite from the country in search of a husband. She strives to become a successful business woman and to marry well and be rich. She has every intention of marrying her boss.Miss Dorothy Brown is an orphan new to the city from California. She’s very naive and has no friends or family.Trevor Graydon is Millie’s new boss.

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He is a single business man.Jimmy Smith is a man in the paper clip industry. He is madly in love with Millie. The major theme of this movie is that love doesn’t always have to include money and materialistic things. Also that not everything has to happen like they do in the movies.Millie Dillmount lives in a hotel and Miss Dorothy Brown from California moves in. They automatically become friends. The house mother, Ms.

Meers, is a middle aged Chinese woman who runs an illegal work ran by kidnapped white female orphans. Miss Dorothy is a target because she doesn’t know a soul. Millie meets Jimmy Smith and he falls in love with her. She feels the same only she wants to marry her future boss whom she hasn’t met quite yet. She’s looking for love and money. When Millie finally gets a job her boss, Trevor Graydon, is a handsome, charming man.

One day for an outing Jimmy takes Miss Dorothy and Millie to his friend Muzzy’s house. Muzzy is a multi millionaire who becomes close friends with Dorothy and Millie.Miss Dorothy meets Trevor Graydon and its love at first sight. Later that night Miss Dorothy is kidnapped by the Ms. Meers and taken to slave with the other white women. Jimmy, Millie, and Trevor figure out what’s going on and come up with a plan.Jimmy dresses up as a woman and gets a hotel room at the hotel and he makes it quite clear that he is an orphan and all alone in the world. He gets kidnapped and Millie follows as he leads the way to the others.

Their plan works and everyone gets set free and Millie realizes she loves Jimmy.She comes to find that Muzzy is Jimmy’s step mother and Dorothy is his sister, they were only spending time in the real world with hopes to find love. Trevor and Dorothy get married, and so do Jimmy and Millie. They all end up as multi millionaires. This film relates significantly to the time period. In the 1920’s women wanted to be everything that a man was. They wanted to work, drink, smoke and have fun. They bobbed their hair and wore shorter dresses.

They thought themselves free to wear new styles of clothing, thing that were briefer and not so modest looking. Millie did just that. She wanted to be modern, out going and successful. She even started up smoking.

In the 1920’s it was all about women revolution. Women becoming and making something of themselves. No women wanted to be old fashioned in the 20’s. It was all about fashion and modern living. Every women wanted equal rites.Another way this film relates to time period is all of the partying, and carefree attitudes. They did a lot of dancing at parties.

For the music it was all about the Jazz. Everyone loved Jazz. In the movie, Muzzy was known as the “Jazz Baby”. She threw parties and was a wild and crazy woman. All the women would drink and most of them took up smoking.

The 20’s truly was the partying decade, absolutely carefree.This film was not historically accurate. There was no such person as Millie, and this story never happen. However, everything in the film was relevant to this time frame. It was exactly like the 20’s. Nothing was made up or created besides the story line.