In the novel
Thinner, Billy Halleck represents a wrongfully accused
human with a curse to kill him. First off, Billy receives a
curse from the oldest gypsy in North America after
murdering his daughter while she was jaywalking. Since Billy
did not get punished at any rate for this crime, the gypsies
most likely felt they had to take matters into their own hands
so they delivered the curse of “Thinner.” The gypsies
probably chose this curse for Billy was already
approximately fifty pounds over weight, therefore they tried
to kill him by him being ninety to one hundred pounds
underweight. In addition, the old man refused to take the
spell off so drastic measures had to be taken, and they were.

This decision was probably established because a crime was
committed to the pack and the law had to be taken into their
own hands. If one had the power to get revenge and not get
criminally prosecuted then most everyone would jump at the
chance. When a person is angry revenge could seem like the
best cure yet a friendship or acquaintance could be lost and
not recoverable.
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