Their Eyes Were Watching God

.. xpected. This along with several other passages from the novel, such as the following quote spoken by Janie to Pheoby: “It’s uh known fact, Pheoby, you got tuh go there tuh know there. Two things everybody’s got tuh do fuh theyselves. They got tuh go tuh God, and they got tuh find out about livin’ fuh theyselves (sic)” (183) show that religion was a big problem of the time. It is felt that everyone had not only the right, but also the responsibility to find their God and to worship him if they wanted a chance at survival. Many of those problems that were apparent in Their Eyes Were Watching God are still apparent today.

Some of the problems have been corrected. Some of the problems have escalated. A few of the problems remain the same today as they did 65 years ago, and will probably remain the same for many future generations. The Doctors Home Journal states that a problem is defined as a cul-de-sac situation with little hope for the future Although the major problems that were associated into Hurstons Their Eyes Were Watching God still exist today, at least in part, if not in whole, many people feel that racism has been totally eliminated from modern society. I, after doing some research, and from viewing with my own two eyes, believe that it is still present.

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We have not just forgotten about racism, but we have spread it out. (Lansing 25) We, as a society in general seem to be prejudiced to all races whether it is good or bad. Regardless of race or origin, most people have heard, or even said at least one of the following statements at some time during their life: All black people are extremely talented at athletics, All Native Americans are bad people who only want to hunt and kill on others land, White Power, All Spanish speaking people are illegal aliens and should be sent back to wherever they came from, All Italian people are Wop Dagos, White trailer park trash, and also the common Nigger (Stalin 177). The list of racial slurs that we use as a country should provide plenty of proof that we as a society in general still seem racist. Envy is another huge problem that still exists today.

People seem to be jealous of the most minor things today, which lack great importance. That is the way envy has always been, but today this seems to be magnified greatly. ( If someone gets a promotion, people feel that person wasnt as deserving as him were. Whenever someone gets to a position of power, people feel that they got there by brown-nosing, and by also stepping on people to get there. I believe that we live in a very cynical society, and nobody can believe that people have actually used hard work to get where they are, or where they are headed.

Similar to the early 20th century when Their Eyes Were Watching God was written, people feel that a beautiful person can have everything that he wants handed to him on a silver platter. (Toile 11) I believe that one problem that faced society during the early 20th century that isnt so much of an issue nowadays is the adversity involved with religion. I feel that today any religion is accepted by most. Also, I feel that even an atheist can survive without being discriminated against in this day and age. Religion is still an important part of many peoples lives, but it is not viewed as a necessity by many people who have either given up religion, or who have chosen to try to alter their own religion. Religion is currently one of the most debated items, which still makes it a problem between Church and scientists. According to Roe Stalin: There is an ongoing debate on faith versus facts, which is currently being debated over and over Love is a problem for the characters in Their Eyes Were Watching God, in particular Janie, and I feel that there will always be problems associated with love.

Rape and spouse abuse can both almost be classified under the category of love. Rape is becoming very popular as of late because of several new date rape drugs. Statistics say that for every illegal date rape drug that there is an equally dangerous legal drug. Spouse abuse is at an all time high for some reason, too (Franz 99); perhaps this is due to the large amount of violence and spouse abuse presented on television. Our society is getting to the point that we really dont accept either anymore, and we are trying to stop both by outlawing them, and by having help lines for people who feel that they have been subjected to either of these.

In the future, these problems may be nearly gone, but love has other problems involved with it too. Today and forever those problems will include many problems such as heartbreak, anxiety, depression, and many other associated problems. Finally, another problem that the characters faced in Their Eyes Were Watching God that they would still experience in modern day society is the problem of death. Janie searches for love through most of the story. Most of the time when Janie is in love, she has to deal with the death of that person, such as she does when her Nanny dies.

In the present day, death is still part of life. Death is inescapable, and everybody someday will have to face death. This is a problem that wont go away and there is no cure for. Love will outdo death, but then there are and always will be the hardships with love. Franz says that ..within two months of the death of a loved on, the risk for suicide among family members nearly triples.

So, in conclusion, the characters of Their Eyes Were Watching God experienced numerous problems in their day to day life. A lot of these problems are still in existence today, whether it is in a greater, equal, or lesser sense. Some problems are unavoidable and will always be here in society, no matter how much society changes. Bibliography Baker, Wally. (1993). 1900-1950.

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