The way of the Samoans

In the beginning, before the Samoas were located by the settlers, They had believed in their own God and they had their own way of life. The Samoans believed in Tagaloa Lagi as their God and that they were confident that he would show them the way one day. American Samoa was one of them islands not settled. Before, they were nomads and travelers of the South Pacific. The life of a Samoan is believed to be unique because of their way of life.

The Samoans were taught from child to grown up how to respect their elders. They do whatever the elder tells them to do as long as it does not hurt the child. Samoans were really healthy people because of working everyday in the farm, growing crops and also depending on the ocean for fish. They carried their culture with so much prestige that it comes today as a strong force in the Samoan Society. The Samoan Government today has used this unique part of the Fa’asamoa to run their government.
Today the Government has been corrupted by the Fa’asamoa to which they have used it to steal money from the federal government. This is part of the Fa’asamoa that should not be included because the Samoan people are not made for such violance of taking money until previously. This is not the way of the Samoans and and should never be the way of the Samoans. It is demoralizing to see our name or ethnic group go into shambles because of bad eggs within our government. The way of the Samoans is to respect and to have intergrity but not to steal and lie about it.

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