The True Ending

The True Ending
This is the actual ending to Romeo and Juliet. It wasnt a happy love story like you might have thought. No it was a horrible tragedy that didnt really make sense but happened any way. The truth is that only Romeo and Juliet survive, well sort of.

The story starts off at night in a rain storm that doesnt cease, right after Romeo has slain Paris. Romeo believes that Juliet is dead and goes to see her and kill him if it proves to be true. Romeo never got the friars message and hurrys to see Juliet.

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When Romeo enters the tomb he finds that it is empty. He thinks to himself where could Juliet have gone and is glad that she is not dead. When he leaves the tomb Lord Capulet confronts him. Lord Capulet accuses Romeo of tomb raiding and says that Romeo has stolen Juliets Corpse is some sick scheme. They duel and Romeo slays Lord Capulet.

Romeo goes to see the friar and ask for help. The friar says he has none to offer and tells Romeo to leave at once. When Romeo leaves the friar takes a flask of him most potent poison and drinks it. Romeo returns to ask the friar something else and see him die. Romeo runs away in horror. The friars page comes with Romeo.

While this is all going on Juliet has wondered into an alley and is surprised bye a rogue of great skill. He offers to help Juliet because he knows whats going on. He shows Juliet to where Romeo and the page are getting horses ready. Before Juliet can ask him his name or thank him he is gone. Juliet runs to embrace Romeo in her elegant arms arms.

Romeo goes to ask his parents for help, and tells Juliet to stay on here horse and ride away far away if anything goes wrong.
When Romeo enters his house and tells his parent everything his father attacks him. Romeo cant bring himself to slaying his father so he leaves as quickly as he can. He and Juliet ride off but not before passing the Juliets nurse.

Romeo and Juliet leave the page behind for he is not used to traveling on horseback. Right after this they see the nurse chasing them. She was screaming Juliets name, and doing it very poorly. Juliet takes off her shoe and throws it at the nurse yelling you betrayed me. The nurse falls to the ground while Romeo and Juliet ride off into the sunset. Behind them Verona is set a blaze and all those there are killed.

What of the rogue and where was he? Was he in Verona of was he the one to set her a blaze? Well only he can tell you that.