The Three Musketeers

D’Artagnan goes to France to become a Musketeer. But on his way he gets into a
fight with a tall ,dark haired nobleman with a scar on his right cheek. He sees the man talking to a
woman named Milady de Winter. D’Artagnan finally finds the captain of the
musketeers Monsieur de Treville. D’Artagnan sees the man that defeated him and runs after
him. But on his way he runs over wounded Athos and he also runs into Porthos. He ran
through the street but could not find the man. Athos gets mad and challenges D’Artagnan
to a duel. But when they were about to fight five Cardinal Guards attack them, and
D’Artagnan is rewarded for his bravery. One day his landlord comes to him with a
favor and he excepts it because he has not paid his bill for three months rent.

Constance Bonacieux was kidnapped. While he is telling his friends the whole story
he hears his landlord yelling because he was being arrested. But they do not save him
for if they get arrested then they will not be able to rescue him. At night he heard someone
crying. He looked through the hole on the floor of his apartment, and saw the guards
tying up a young woman. He brakes the door and scares the guards away. She
thanks him and they fall in love .He then guides her safely to the palace where she is a
maid for the Queen of France. But a man comes beside her and D’Artagnan is
about to fight him but she stops them and tells D’Artagnan that it is only the
Duke of Buckingham and that he has come to meet the Queen. The Queen
tells him to leave because he might be in danger .He asks her to give him something
to remember her by ,so she gives him a ribbon with twelve diamonds on it. She
didn’t know but on of her maids were spying on her, the maid immediately
reported it to Richelieu. Richelieu told the King to schedule a ball in ten days in the
Queens’ honor. He told Milady de Winter to steal two of the diamonds from the
ribbon to show the King that his Queen gave it to another man. Constance asks
D’Artagnan to tell the Duke about the ribbon, and the Queens’ danger. The
Duke gets someone to make a pair that looks just the same so he can get the Queen
out of great danger. The Cardinals’ plan is ruined and he wants to get revenge.

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She gets him to like her and do to whatever she tells him/ her maid warns him
and he finds out that she has the brand of the executioner. He escapes from her
and shows Athos her brooch. He now knows she didn’t die. The Cardinal sees the
musketeers and asks them to go back with him to the inn. Athos starts to hear voices
from a pipe. They leave and he goes to Milady’s room. He tells her to give him the
warrant and she does because she doesn’t want him to kill her. She does get
revenge though she gets another man to help and fall in love with her. He gets
her on a boat and tells her to wait for him. D’Artagnan’s servant is on the same
but when he gets to the Duke he is already dead. He gets arrested and everyone is sad.

On the way back Planchet recognizes Milady and Rochefort in a carriage. He over-
hears them saying that Constance is at Bethune and that they are going there.

Milady lies to the nun and tells her she wants to see Madame Bonacieux.

Milady orders food and tells Constance to eat. She pours Constance wine
and puts red powder in it. By the time they get there Constance is already dead.

D’Artagnan kills Rochefort and Athos ties up Milady and locks her in the carriage.

A man with a mask over his face comes back with Athos. They all ride to a
river and get off their horses. The man takes Milady out of the carriage an
puts her on the ground. Then they each tell her crimes. Then the executioner tells his story.

Then he takes off his mask and she knows who he is .She says that he is The
executioner of Lille, the man who branded Her. He then grabs her by the arm and
puts her in a boat tied up. He takes her to the other shore and stabbed her with
his sword. The men on the other side could hear her scream of terror, and horror.