The Three Musketeers

The Three Musketeers Alexander Dumas Forgive me, Lady de Wardes, he said, for rousing your hatred by my blackguardly conduct. I in return forgive you for murdering Constance Bonacieux and for your savage attacks on me. I forgive you and pity you. Die in peace. Characters dArtagnan- a young, attractive Gascon of eighteen. dArtagnan is haughty, proud, and extremely intelligent.

He is one of the main characters is the book, and we follow him through his many turmoils and triumphs; as he eventually defeats the evil of the real world. Porthos- a proud, experienced Musketeer. Porthos is a true friend with a quick temper, and a smart mouth. Nonetheless, Porthos is intelligent, cautious, and has a wild passion for everything he does. Aramis- a proper, friendly gentleman of twenty-three. Aramis is proud, yet demure, with a very clean-cut appearance.

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Aramis is a man of scripture and deep thought, often the one with the brilliant ideas. Athos- a cool, courageous Musketeer, strikingly handsome, and proud of his status. Athos lets nothing stand in his way, yet is polite and friendly, attracting friends easily. Planchet- dArtagnans servant, a tremendously devoted man, trusted and intelligent. Monsieur de Treville- a truly good man, captain of the Musketeers, who has a pure heart and a love for his Musketeers. Monsieur Bonacieux- a small wily man, not very gifted in the intelligence department, easily swayed by others personal opinions.

dArtagnans landlord. Constance Bonacieux- Monsieur Bonacieuxs wife, a young, beautiful woman, with a good soul. DArtagnans mistress, and maid of the wardrobe of the Queen. Lady de Winter- an evil spy for the Cardinal, Lady de Winter is an extremely beautiful mastermind with the ability to make anything go her way. Kitty- Lady de Winters innocently pretty maid, who falls hopelessly in love with dArtagnan, and helps him in his exploits against Lady de Winter. Lord de Winter- Lady de Winters charming brother, who helps in the temporary capture of the evil Milady. The Three Musketeers is set in the mid to late 1620s, in Paris, France. Paris in this period is the bustling center of excitement, trials, and betrayal.

The Three Musketeers is about four grand friends and their amazing travels and exciting exploits. Living in glamorous Paris, France, dArtagnan, Athos, Porthos, and Aramis get deeply involved in the political aspects and scams of the day. With enemies wherever he turns, dArtagnan is forced to go into hiding, sending his intelligent servant and his best friends to take care of business. Gradually, the complicated mess of French and English monarchy comes together, revealing a way to overcome the evil of the outstandingly beautiful Lady de Winter, one of the Cardinals best spies. I.

Three Gifts A. dArtagnan arrives in Meung 1. The strange, dark man 2. Confrontation 3. Milady 4. Stolen! B.

dArtagnan enters Paris II. Monsieur de Trevilles Ante-room A. Monsieur de Trevilles house 1. The courtyard a. Porthos and Aramis III. The Audience A. Introductions B.

Athos C. Letter to the Director D. The chase IV. Shoulder, Shoulder-Belt, and Handkerchief A. The sore shoulder 1.

Challenge B. Another Accident 1. The shoulder-belt 2. Challenge C. The Handkerchief 1. Accusation 2.

Challenge V. Musketeers and Guards A. Athos B. The Seconds 1. realizations C. The Cardinals Guards D. Fight E. Friends F.

Planchet VI. A Court Intrigue A. Finances B. Poor 1. Dinner Invitations C. The Small Man 1.

Explanations 2. The Kidnapping VII. Relaying Information A. A Plan B. All For One and One For All! VIII. Madame Bonacieux A.

Ambush! 1. Monsieur Bonacieuxs arrest B. Cross Examination C. Madame Bonacieux D. Rescue E. Constance F. Another Secret G.

Love H. Escape I. Monsieur de Laport IX. The Plot Thickens A. A Curious Romantic Attachment B. Aramiss House 1.

The cloaked woman C. Following D. Escort E. Athoss Arrest F. The Pair at the Lourve 1.

The Duke of Buckingham X. The Man of Meung A. Monsieur Bonacieuxs Attendance With the Cardinal 1. A new and Faithful Servant B. The Letter to London XI.

Soldiers and Magistrates A. Athoss Cross-examination B. Athoss Attendance With the Cardinal C. Monsieur de Treville, the King, the Cardinal, and Athos 1. The Police report and the soldiers honor D. Release E.

The Duke of Buckingham is Paris XII. The Keeper of the Seals A. Plotting B. Twelve Diamond Tags C. The Visitor and the Search of the Queen D.

The Planning of the Ball 1. The request XIII. The Lover and the Husband E. Letter to Buckingham F. The Deadly Secret G.

A Pledge 1. The Secret Discussion 2. The Truth Is Revealed 3. An Important Decision XIV. The Journey A. Four Friends Get Leave B.

Breakfast in Chantilly 1. Porthoss duel C. Three Against Eight in Beauvais 1. The Ambush On The Road D. Two Friends in Amiens 1.

Hullabaloo in the stables 2. Athos arrested again E. The Man at the Port 1. The Note From the Cardinal 2. Following 3. The Duel F. The Governor G.

Leaving the Harbor H. London 1.Winsdor a. The King and the Duke (1) Desperate Message for the Duke (2) Heading for London Again XV. The Ball A. Reaching the Dukes House 1.

An Amazing Portrait and Twelve Diamond Tags 2. TEN Diamond Tags a. Replacing the Tags B. A New Plan C. Return to Paris D.

The Ball 1. Arrival of the King and Queen 2. Escort to the Dressing room 3. Twelve Diamond Tags Together Again 4. The Cardinals Present 5. Gift From The Queen XVI.

The Tryst A. Returning Home 1. A Mysterious Letter 2. Monsieur Bonacieux a. Indirect Accusations B. Monsieur de Trevilles House 1. Happy News 2. Display of the Gift 3.

No News of the Three Lost Friends 4. Yet Another Plan C. The Meeting 1. The Summer House 2. The Unreturned Signal 3.

Tracks! a. Realization of Events b. Clues (1) the torn glove 4. The Hut a. An old man provides a clue b. Constance kidnapped again c.

The man from Meung XVII. Athoss Wife A. Monsieur de Trevilles Promise B. Monsieur Bonacieuxs Muddy Boots 1. Monsieur Bonacieuxs Assistance in his own wifes despair C. The Captain of the Cardinals Guards Visits dArtagnan 1.

Planchet saves the day 2. Packing the Bags D. Finding His Friends 1. Finding Porthos In Chantilly a. Leaving Porthos In Chantilly 2.

A Brilliant turn-out in Amiens a. a long story b. Athos hiding in the cellar c. Getting Athos out of the cellar (1) a disturbing love story (a) Athoss beautiful young wife (b) betrayal XVII. In Search of Equipment A. Four Friends Together Again 1 The Campaign against La Rochelle a.

Need for Equipment (1) The 8,000 Livres b. How to Get the Money (1) Porthos Plan (a) The Dismay of the Older Woman in Black (b) The Woman with the Velvet Cushion (2) Miladys Carriage (a) Spotting Kitty (b) Planchet Mistaken for Lubin (c) The Anger of Milady (3) The Duel (a) Lord de Winter (b) Athoss Waiting XIX. English and French A. Dueling With the English 1. Real Names 2. Sparing Lord de Winter a. Clarice de Winter B.

Meeting Milady 1. Kitty 2. Miladys Hidden Anger 3. Visiting Every Day XX. Mistress and Maid A.

Kittys Room 1. The Shocking Truth a. the Letter to the Compte b. True Feelings XXI. All Cats Are Gray at Night A. Athos and Porthos Taken Care of B.

Fooling Milady 1. A Gift of True Love 2. A Promise of Revenge C. Examination of the Ring 3.The Truth Begins to be Revealed D. Another Letter to the Compte 1.

A Strange Reply 2. Miladys Response 3. Striking Back XXII. Plans For Revenge A. Milady Calls For dArtagnan 1.Visiting Milady 2. Milady Asks dArtagnan to Avenge Her 3.

dArtagnan Confesses His Guilt a. The Fleur de Lis b. Miladys Attemp on dArtagnans Life c. Escape XXIII. The Ring A.

dArtagnan visits Athos 1. The Truth About Milady 2. Decision to Pawn the Ring B. Kitty Visits dArtagnan 1. Aramis Finds a Place for Kitty 2.

Complete Outfits For Aramis And dArtagnan XXIV. A Vision A. Two Letters For dArtagnan 1. Constances Request 2. The Cardinals Request B. The Dark Road XXV. The Cardinal A.

Attendance With the Cardinal 1. The Cardinals Refused Proposal B. Leaving For The Campaign XXVI. The Siege of La Rochelle A. The Plot Against Buckingham B. Ambush C.

The Basiton 1. Reconnaisance Party a. Three Guardsmen and two Soldiers b. Three Guardsmen c. Another Ambush d. Hero e.

Wine? f. The Truth revealed 2. Hideaway for Constance XXVII. The Red Dovecoat Inn A. The Two Men In the Road 1. Escorting the Cardinal a.

The Woman at the Red Dovecoat Inn b. Waiting and Listening (1) The Order From the Cardinal (2) Athos Takes Command XXVIII. The Basiton of St. Gervais A. The Bet on the Basiton 1.

A New Plan 2. Siege on the Basiton a. a Brilliant Idea From Athos b. The Hour is Up c. Letters B.

dArtagnan Promoted C. Sold Ring XXIX. A Family Affair A. The Letter to Lord de Winter B. The Letter to the Queen C.

Four Happy Friends 1. The Carmelite Convent XXX. Bethune A. Milady Escapes B. Another Letter 1. Milady Sent to Carmelite Convent 2.

Milady Befriends Constance XXXI. The Female and the Male A. Rochefort 1.Buckingham Killed 2. News of dArtagnan 3. Armentiers XXXII. A Drop of Wine A.

Miladys Lie B. Constances Murder C. Young Lovers Weep XXXIII. The Man in the Red Cloak A. Athos Plan B. The Man in the Red Cloak C.

The Funeral D. Five Travelers E. Capturing Milady F. Charges G. Conviction XXXIV. The Execution A. The Lake B.

Forgiving C. The Death of Lady de Winter XXXV. A Messenger From the Cardinal A. dArtagnan Arrested 1. The Excuse 2. Lieutenants Commision Alexandre Dumas Alexandre Dumas was born near Paris, the son of a General in Napoleons army.

He did not receive any formal education, so he started his adult life with a series of clerical jobs. In 1829 he achieved great success with a melodrama about the French king Henry III. Over the next ten years he wrote a series of extremely successful action packed plays for the theater. In 1840, he turned his hand toward novel writing.