The Story Of An Hour By Kate Chopin

The Story Of An Hour By Kate Chopin In reading, The Story of an Hour, by Kate Chopin, I drew the conclusion that Louise Mallard, in learning of her late husband, felt a great deal of sadness at first. It seems that she felt alone in the world and that she would have to live for herself, and no one else. This meaning that she would no longer be under the protection of her husband and she would have to face the world on her own. All in the same instant, while gazing out the window, into the sky, l believe that she gained strength from God, or some divine being, realizing her fears of being on her own, were actually a fresh start for her. She realized that this was a new beginning for her and she could finally be her own person, and not under the control of her husband. What I didn’t understand was the ending.

I realize that the received false news, and her husband were really alive, but what I don’t get is, did she die? Did she die of the shock of seeing her husband or for some other reason? In the second story, Regret, the main character, Mamzelle Aurelie, was kind of the opposite of Mrs. Mallard. She was on her own from the beginning. She was in control of her own life, and never lived under a man’s rules. Her features represented those of a man. I feel that, unlike Mrs.

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Mallard she went in the opposite direction. She started out a tough woman, but wished that she wasn’t. She never married, and wanted to be. I feel that these stories are quite similar, just progress from opposite sides. English Essays.