The Seeled Train

The Sealed trainAuthor summary- There wasn’t a whole lot of info on the author. As a matter of fact there wasn’t anything at all. So I won’t waste anymore of your time on the author.Story summary-VI Lenin was a proud revolutionary in the early 1900’s.

Born into poverty, and exiled from his homeland only to return and conquer it. One day Lenin received a letter saying a revolt was stirring in Russia. He decided that it was the time to act.

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Lenin immediately headed to Russia. He and his Bolsheviks began an armed uprising. The revolt was quickly crushed. Lenin was again exiled from Russia. A short time had passed and the czar had gotten out of control. Lenin and the Bolsheviks again saw the time to act at hand.

This time the czar’s madness had gone too far. The Russian army had begun supplying the rebels with weapons, and were fighting against him themselves. A new democratic government was established. Soon Russia’s people were impoverished.

Again Lenin took action and this time he seized the government. He established a communistic/ socialistic government. The people were happy and no longer hungry.Opinion of book-This book was hard to follow.

I have studied Lenin in the past and I still couldn’t quite follow the book. It was written in short ineffective sentences. It also failed to go into great detail. In a sense it almost seemed to try to blow up the events of Lenin’s life. I wouldn’t recommend this book to anyone. Overall the book was kind of crappy.

The book did however, hit on the basic events of Lenin’s life and generally portrayed his life story.Life lesson-In this book the life lesson I found was persistence pays off. Basically tried and tried to over throw the Russian government. Each time he got a little closer and a little closer. Every time he learned from the mistakes he had made in the past.

When the time was right he succeeded. Another life lesson is make tings happen for yourself don’t expect things to happen for you.