The room of a hunter

Describing a scene or person
Writing Assignment #1:
I could tell by looking at the room that a hunter lived there. The first thing I noticed upon entering the room through two large double doors was a large variety of head mounts of all kinds of animals from all corners of the globe. There was a North American whitetail deer and a great stag from the Netherlands and there was a small wild boar from South Africa. There were even exotic creatures I have never even seen before, like a fish like creature with four legs and four eyes. The second thing that caught my attention was a magnificent large oak cabinet it was an astounding piece of artisanship, that gave an impression of a well looked after priceless antique. Inside the cabinet were at least one hundred different types of guns, from hand pistols to hunting-rifles from old to modern. After looking over the impressive collection, I noticed the third and final feature of the room, which gave me the impression that a hunter lives here in this house. On the far back wall was a large collection of hunting photos, but the main thing that caught my attention was not the photography itself, but a small detail in the photography that small detail was in all the pictures. There was the same man he was tall and handsome with a tint of gray in his hair, his face was aged but young with an expression of intelligence and wisdom surrounding it. In all the pictures, that same man was standing beside a dead animal and every animal the man was standing by in the pictures were on the walls surrounding me. In the room where I stand it is from these three things that I got the impression a hunter has to live in this house.