The Pyramids

The Pyramids The Great Pyramids of Egypt The Pyramids of Egypt were built from 2700-2500 BC. Its located in Giza, Egypt, on the West Bank of the Nile River. The pyramids are the oldest and the only one surviving of all the ancient wonders. Its believed to have taken 100,000 slave laborers and about 20 years to build the massive pyramid using about 2.3 million blocks of stone. Each block averaging 2 tons of weight. Of the ten pyramids the first three are held in the highest regard. The first and largest pyramid was built for the Pharaoh Khufu.

Which is known as the Great Pyramid. Its about 430 ft and covers 13 acres. For many centuries before and after the construction of the Great Pyramid the Egyptians intended that the King Pharaoh-Kings, whom they believed to be living gods, in intricate tombs. Some Pharaohs were above ground like the pyramids and others were cut in the rock below the mountains. All the dead leaders were outfitted with many things because they believed in the after live to come. So many were buried with untold treasures.

When it was built the Great Pyramid 145.75 m high. Over the years is lost 10 m off its top. It ranked the tallest structure on Earth for more than 43 centuries History Essays.