The Next Thing I Know She Handed Me The File

.. somewhere, we felt that he was relaying messages to them somehow. The next day when I arrived home from school the plan was set in motion. Rajiv told asked me my name, which as all good spies do, gave him a false one. I always warmed up to the name of Jim Mackinnon, so that was the name I gave him.

Rajiv told me he didn’t know what I was talking about, but he’d try to get the message across to the Proton’s. I thanked him an hung up. Quick phone calls followed to my fellow Renegades telling them the trap had been set. I think calling Jen was the hardest call in my life. None the less, I made it.

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* * * * * Friday seemed to take for ever to arrive. However when it did, everything was planned out. Jen being the crack shot, hid herself behind a few milk crates. Derek was there with her hold a tape recorder. Tim was nearby in a parked car ready to pick them up.

Over a bit closer to me were Dave and Frank. Again, the two of them waiting in a parked car to get me. Everything was in place. Suddenly, from across the parking lot, a pair of car lights came at me (us). Slowing, the car eventually came to a stop. Out emerged the Proton’s.

“Who are you Mr. Jim Mackinnon and what have I done against you?” “Slow down there Jason Proton” I started. “The only thing I have against you is that you’re endangering the life of a friend of mine. I want to see her returned.” “What are you talking about? The police are handling the Contenda investigation as a teen-age runaway. I have better things to do with my time than stand here and be insulted by the likes of some 18 year old”.

In reality I was only 17, but hey. Jason Proton thinks I’m older, so much the better. Slowly, the two of them began to get back in their cars. “I know about the imbezeling” I screamed. That comment sure stopped them in their tracks. Even from where I was standing I could here his jaw hit the ground. “What..What..Tammy had no right to tell you that.” the words seemed not to flow so easily for Mr. Proton now.

“Oh it wasn’t Tammy. YOu see I have this little computer disk here..” I said holding up a computer disk. “You scum, that’s breaking and entering!!” he began to run after me. Dave’s car engine roared to life as I dove in the back seat. Tim’s engine could be heard starting up as well.

Then the noise of a gun going off a few times was heard next. Not an ordinary gun however. Jen’s CO2 powered gun. I looked up from the back seat of to see Jason Proton’s shirt covered in paint. I honestly believe he though he was shot.

“Argh!!” he screamed as he fell to the ground. I’m not sure if he was playing up the effects for all they were worth of if physiologically his mind told him a bullet had ripped through him. Whatever the case, Jen and Derek jumped into’s Tim car and both cars sped off into the night. We met no more than ten minutes back at my place. Quickly I pulled out officer Lublanski’s business card and called her at home.

Even though it was 12:30am, I still felt she should know what he had found out. To say the least, she was not amused that I had woken her up. She did however remember my name (luckily I remembered the alias I had given her) and that she’d be glad to hear what we had to say tomorrow morning. After begging and pleading my case she finally relented to see us tonight. Hurriedly I jotted down the directions to her house and within 10 minutes were at her house. With bed head and all, officer Lublanski came to the door and welcomed us in.

I didn’t even bother introducing my companions. “Tammy’s life is in great danger” I blurted out. “What do mean?” she asked kind of sleepy like. “We have proof that her employers may have done something with her” spurted out Dave. “Wait, who are these people?” she asked. “These are fellow Renegades.

Look, I don’t have time to explain it all to you now. Please, just get a police car over to the Contenda house hold. Please!!” Officer Lublanski looked at us like we were nuts. However she must have figured we had a good reason for being there. After all, why else would we wake up a police officer at 12:30? “You guys had better be right about this” she mumbled. Stumbling off to the kitchen she invited us in to sit down and relax. We looked “exhausted” as she put it.

She was right to. The six of us clasped in the furniture she had set about her living room. In a few minutes she was on her way back over. “Ok, a squad car is on its way over. Now, John do you care to tell me what this is all about?” With the mention of the name John, looked at me. They never ever though I’d actually give a false name to a police officer. “Well, its a long story I began.

For starters, my real name is not John..” I guess the story didn’t take as long as I though, because just as I was finished up with how we had met the Proton’s tonight, her phone rang. After the usual “yeah’s” and “okay’s” she hung up the phone. “I don’t believe it” she was saying as she approached us. “I just don’t believe it”. We all jumped up as she came back.

“Well, don’t keep us hanging'” exclaimed Tim. “I don’t know how to tell you this, but the police found Tammy alive and well. It seems that when the Protons found out their scheme was up, they didn’t bother going back home. Tammy had managed to take off her gag and was screaming at the top of her lungs for help. The police took her home. She’s going to be ok”. The group of us let out a collective sigh of relief and sank back into our chairs.

“Speaking going home, I should be heading out myself” said Derek. Everyone murmured their agreement and we stood up to leave. “I’d like to see you all down at the police station tomorrow is you don’t mind” officer Lublanski began. “You know, to clear up all the lose strings and stuff”. “Sure, no problem.

Good night” we more or less said in unison. * * * * * We agreed to meet as a group and head over to the station at 9am. When we arrived reporters and journalists were everywhere. The police kept saying “no comment.” As we emerged from our car, they all ran over to us. A tad intimidated with the rush of media types, we ran at full tilt into the police station.

Bursting though the doors we found ourselves face to face with the Proton’s. “You little scum bag. I don’t even know a Jim Mackinnon” screamed Jason Proton. Officer Lublanski was standing beside him and looked my way. I just smiled and said “old habits are heard to break.” “I bet they are” she replied. “We caught these two at the airport. It seems they were making a run of Brazil.

We arrived just in time to foil their plot.” At the moment Tammy came running into the room and ran up to Dave giving him a huge hag. “Dave, it’s so nice to see you again.” The rest of us turned away politely, not wanting to stare. “If you don’t mind, I’d like all of you to come into my office please.” We looked over to our left and saw an older type man with gray hair standing infront of an office. It didn’t take a genius to figure out it was the chief of police. I can’t speak for the others, but I was pretty scared.

I mean we had interfered with a police investigation. We had shot a firearm at someone. Technically we could be in a lot of trouble. Entering the office we noticed seven chairs infront of the chief’s desk. “Pease, take a seat” he motioned us as he closed the door behind him.

Dave and Tammy sat together, holding hands. For the first time since Jen shot me down I sat beside her. For some strange reason it felt good to be beside her. “I’d like to begin by saying that I’m very glad miss Contenda is ok. The last thing we need in this area is another homicide. In that respect I’d like to congratulate you group, the Renegades isn’t it, on a job well done”.

began the Chief. Whew, that wasn’t so bad I thought. “But..” as yes, there’s always a but “what you did was terribly dangerous. Shooting off a fire-arm without a permit. Stealing personal information, endangering your lives, interfering with police work..” “Uh, sir” asked Tim. For me it was the first time I hadn’t heard him talk like he was out at the beach.

“Are we going to be rockin’ and rollin’ in jail”. Ah there it was. Rockin’ and Rollin’. I knew the surfer in Tim couldn’t stay hidden. The Chief of Police let out a little chuckle. “No, you’re not going to be rockin’ and rollin’ as you so put it.

In fact I’m going to honour you all with distinction medals. How does that sound?” “Totally tubular” exclaimed Tim. “I think our comrade speaks for all of us sir” said Derek. “Great. Then lets go outside and give the press what they came here for.” With that, we stood up and proceed to meet the media.. * * * * * It was a dream come true. Although spies don’t want their picture published on the front page of a daily paper, that didn’t bother us. After all, its not every day a high school student helps solve kidnapping cases.

The group of us decided to put Renegade activities on hold until school was out for the summer. The prom turned out to be a fun time for everyone. I ended up going stag, which wasn’t too bad. Derek and I managed to share costs for a limo as he went stag as well. I had the front page of the newspaper in which we our picture appeared framed.

It now hangs at the head of my bed, reminding me that all the hard work we’d done over the years finally amounted to something. The six of us, Tim Wolfe, David Sullivan, Peter Shore, Jennifer Strong, Frank Robb, and myself Edward Cohagen. No more would we be embarrassed to tell our friends we were playing spy. Although we were no longer a spy agency. Now we were “The Renegades – Private Investigators for Hire”.