The Matrix

The Matrix Drew Vetter English 101 Argumentative Paper THE MATRIX Have you ever had a dream that you thought was so real? Well, what if you never woke up? How would you determine the difference between the real world and the dream world (Matrix,1999)? Some people in this world live their lives knowing that something is wrong. They can feel it in everything they do. They can feel it when they stare out a window or go to work or even when they pay their taxes (Matrix,1999). This feeling which these individuals are experiencing comes from the matrix. What is the matrix? The matrix is an artificial world, which has been pulled over to blind us from the truth, that we are slaves (Matrix,1999).We are trapped in a prison for our minds (Matrix,1999). We will never really get to feel, touch, or see anything for ourselves, except objects created through the matrix. Early in the 21st century, humans joined in celebration in the creation of artificial intelligence (Matrix,1999).

Throughout our lives we have depended on machinery to survive. Fate, it seems, is not without a sense of irony (Matrix,1999).The human body gives off as much bioelectricity as a 120 volt battery or as much as 25000 b.t.u.

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‘s of body heat (Matrix,1999). Artificial intelligence depends on solar energy in order to survive, so our human race decided to scorch the earth, therefore blocking the sun’s rays (Matrix,1999). This attempt failed and we were taken over by robots.

The matrix was soon after created by artificial intelligence as a computer-generated world made for us to live out our lives while it uses the natural energy given off from our bodies for its survival in the real world (Matrix,1999). Humans are grown in fields like crops, some never even able to be inserted into the matrix. Babies are randomly picked out by the working robotic hands to fill the spots of the dead.Right now, our real bodies are being stored in capsule-like bubbles where we are plugged into the matrix. These plugs are connected throughout our entire spine and other various parts of the body.

The main connection is in the back of our necks, leading to the brain, where the matrix controls our minds by ensuring all five senses. When the matrix was first created, a man was given the power to change anything he wanted in it (Matrix,1999). This man chose to free five individuals from the matrix. The few humans who were chosen to be freed from the matrix carry permanent metallic holes in the back of their necks which act as connectors to the matrix.Any physical ability from drunken boxing to kung fu can be programmed through these holes into their brains. It is done the same way we download programs into our computers. In order to be entered into the matrix, a needle-like computer device must be driven into this hole. Exiting the matrix can be accomplished by electronically connecting themselves to the real world by answering a telephone call from someone there.

We, as humans in the matrix, base our lives on sets of rules, such as gravity, never allowing ourselves to overcome our distinct sense of reality (Matrix,1999).These humans who are able to transport themselves in and out of the matrix use their special downloaded physical abilities and knowledge of freeing their minds to accomplish impossible feats such as jumping hundreds of yards or dodging bullets by running up walls. The main objective of the freed humans is to destroy the matrix by allowing their brains to understand it enough to break the code. The challenge in this is not only decoding the matrix but also avoiding enemies within the matrix. These enemies, referred to as “agents”, are able to transform themselves in and out of anybody’s body inside the matrix.

They are everybody and nobody (Matrix,1999). If you kill an agent by shooting bullets in their head or crushing them by a train they will not die.Instead, they will simply leave the person’s dead body and enter into another living one. Despite the agents’ capabilities, they still live in a world based on rules (Matrix,1999). Because of this, they are in a sense, mortal, therefore giving the freed humans hope and a motive to save the world from the matrix. The real world is living around the year 2199 (Matrix,1999).

The freed human’s mode of transportation is a hovercraft. They not only use this large piece of machinery for transportation, but are also forced to live in it.They travel throughout the sewers of old cities trying to hide from killing machines made up by AI for one purpose, to search and destroy. Perhaps you still feel like the chair that you are sitting in and the air you are breathing is real. Well, what is real? How do you define real? If it is what you can smell, touch or feel then real is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain (Matrix,1999). This dream world acts as a neural interactive simulation of the real world ensuring all five senses, therefore appearing to be real (Matrix,1999).

The only real thing in the matrix is death.After being shot or falling twenty stories, the brain thinks that it is dead. If you die in the matrix, you die in the real world also because the body cannot live without the mind (Matrix,1999). In the beginning, the matrix was made as a perfect world where everybody was happy (Matrix,1999). Shortly after, it failed miserably because our cerebellum kept trying to wake up (Matrix,1999). Our brain was unable to determine if it was sleeping or awake.

The main reason for this failure is because humans define reality from suffering and misery (Matrix,1999). Instead of making the matrix perfect, artificial intelligence recreated it into the present world. The matrix can also help explain occurrences such as dj vu, lost items, or missing people.

Dj vu is a glitch in the matrix that happens when something is changed (Matrix,1999). Have you ever lost money or a hat that you were positive you laid on the kitchen counter? Perhaps the matrix simply erased it or forgot to save it, like a computer in your home would do to a file.The same logic could be applied to people who mysteriously disappear with absolutely no traces. Another explanation of this could be that the body malfunctioned and naturally died in the bubble-like capsule.

A person vanishing off the face of the so-called “earth” where we live does not happen near as much as a heart attack or a stroke. The reasoning behind this is since we are trapped inside a bubble, we cannot harm our bodies by using drugs or eating fatty foods. This explanation of the present world might seem disturbing or hard to believe because our lives are based on sets of rules that do not allow our minds to fathom.Despite these rules, everybody, at least once in their lives, experience feelings or see things that they cannot explain. Perhaps they believe that these feelings are the actions of a God or another world or even themselves. Never underestimate the power of the mind. Cinema and Television.

The Matrix

John WalkerMarch 1st, 2002Film Studies 296The Matrix, The “Western” Never KnownAs stated by the title, there is great reason why the Matrix should be treated in the same context, although not identified, as a western. This film genre is steeped in tradition and lore. There are many definitions abound as to what may constitute a “Western film.

” The main goal is to see whether or not this paper can illustrate the genre be pushed towards the future. Whether it means the 20th century, the 21st century or the distant future. This genre can grow towards something bigger and more exciting.

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This paper will attempt to explore this debate and give reasoning’s as to what defines a Western, how the Matrix lives up to and modifies the stated definition, will go into the films background such as director, producer, film reviews, etc. Finally the paper will discuss the theme, tone, setting, characters and casting, acting style, lighting, imagery, musical score, and special effects. Defining a film genre is in some ways difficult and simplistic. Every genre has stated what would define its boundaries.

The difficult part is finding one that is solidified by the movies in the genre. The stated definition that this paper will digest and regurgitate is that a Western is a film which is set in the American frontier west. The typical time setting is somewhere in the mid to late 19th century and early 20th century(Dirks, 1).

They glorify the past-fading values and aspirations of the mythical by-gone age of the American West(Dirks, 1). Over time, however, Westerns have been redefined, re-invented and expanded, dismissed, re-discovered, and spoofed. This actually makes the definition more lucid, making other films flexible enough to fit quite nicely into the genre.Westerns also state that these films represent the ideals of a growing nation.

Expanding and maintaining established territories is what is at the heart of older Western films as “Manifest Destiny” puts up in dialogue constantly. This particular fact is a main point which will be revisited. Dominating the unknown and uprooting natives or peoples who have been established long before the conquerors. There are many central conflicts in old westerns. The battle between good and evil is the most common. Others include man vs. man, east vs. west, human vs.

nature, or in the Matrix’s case, man vs. machine. Does the Matrix live up to these ideals of a Western? Yes, in more ways than one.

The plot conflict of good vs. evil, man vs. machine, is clearly evident. It shows similarities in the cowboys vs. Indians where as the roles are reversed.

Often the hero meets his/her opposite double, which mirrors ones evil or good tendencies. The time-line and plot location arguments can be blown out of the water as some films which lay claim to being westerns are set in the late 20th century such as in the movie Lone Star. Many of the restraints that are placed on Western genre films are subject to similar criticism by observing the movie Walker.

In Walker, there are helicopters, Mercedes Benz’s and Newsweek magazines. That is pretty much self evident as to the level of what elements can be in a film such as the Matrix. The Cowboys vs. Indians/man vs. machine conflict is a very interesting event in that is somewhat difficult to see but once explained is more easily identified.

This conflict is seen as being flipped to where it’s Indians vs. Cowboys. The cowboy is traditional seen as being the good guy who is trying to battle with the “mean and savage” Indians to eradicate them from the American frontier. In the Matrix, the ones being eradicated and “grown” are the humans and the ones doing the eradicating are the machines. The humans were the original inhabitants of Earth but now the machines have risen and are now rule. Once the original settlers of America had grown in numbers, they started whipping out Indians in genocide fashion.

This similarity is clearly apparent. Both conflicts come together and are seem to be seamless.When the tables are turned like this, you can almost identify with the humans(Indians) and want them to survive and keep from being eradicated by the machines(cowboys). Other smaller similarities like gunfights, final standoffs, riding into the sunset, etc.

, are almost identical. There are gun battles abound in the Matrix, The last stand off between Neo(Keanu Reeves) and Agent Smith(Hugo Weaving) are the typical last stands that are seen like in Tombstone and Unforgiven. The ending of the movie where Neo flies into the sequel are just like any John Wayne movies where he rides into the sunset. With some of these explanations as evidence, the “Western” definition also shows room for modification or in the words of the Matrix, “evolution”.Andy and Larry Wachowski are the directors and wrote the original screenplay for the Matrix.

A lot of the inspiration came from Japanese Anime comic books. The idea is to bring this comic book fiction which up until now only lived in print to life and action. The camera angles included in the film are almost exactly pulled from comic books. Storyboard illustrations show the Wachowski brothers endless imagination and applying it. Groundbreaking special effects like the bullet-time cinematography and fight scenes are visually stunning. Cinematography was done by Bill Pope. Keanu Reeves plays the once computer hacker Neo who is thrust into a revolution on an apocalyptic scale. Laurence Fishburne plays Morpheus who leads one of a few hovercraft ships who are part of a band of rebels who are fighting against the machines who rule Earth.

Production for certain scenes went anywhere from 2 months to 16 months. Filming was done in Australia during the summer months. Visual the entire movie is shot in a type of green contrast to indicate the forces of evil that some how have control over everything. This was an incredible well done movie from start to finish.

I am truly a fan of the Wachowski brothers who have done outstanding job writing this film.

The Matrix

The Matrix In the science fiction movie The Matrix people are ruled by Artificial Intelligence (AI), machines made by men to make life easier on the human race. This form of industrialization has also begun in our world today. We have given birth to a host of machines that think for themselves, hoping they would make our lives easier and less taxing on our bodies. In the movie the machines have taken control of the humans and rule over them by hiding from them the real world.

In today’s society machines have begun a hostile take over of the lives of humans.Ironic, is it not, that in the movie, and in our lives today, machines have become rulers over the humans who made them. In the time when the movie takes place, the humans of the world are being governed by the machines they created. At first the machines, after becoming fed up with working for the humans, attacked the humans through technological warfare. The humans countered by destroying what they thought to be the only source of energy for the machines, the sun. When the machines lost the power of the sun, they had to find a new source of energy. The machines learned that the human body itself can produce the kind of energy necessary to sustain their lives.

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But humans would never just bow down to their enemies and so the machines had to devise a way to detain the humans so that they could extract that energy. The machines created a computer program called The Matrix. In the movie this marvel displays the digital image of a human’s mental self along with that of other humans and a mock up of the world as it was at the highest point in human history.

While some humans were detained in the matrix to be used for energy, other humans were fed intravenously to them. Humans became crops to the machines, they were grown in massive fields and harvested like wheat until they were ripe enough to be fed to the other humans. The living humans merely lived out what they thought were their real lives, not knowing that they were powering their own enemies through a war.Ironic that the humans became slaves to those they created as slaves is it not? In the modern world we find humans churning out new inventions constantly. AI is one of the most recent of these inventions and was invented for the sole purpose of making the lives of humans less hectic. However, different duties call for different machines.

For example, the machine inside your automobile is not as smart nor as quick as the one inside a government-spec supercomputer. Recently humans devised a way to interconnect the thoughts of these machines and to allow them to hook up to and speak with one another.This wonder of the modern world is called networking. What if a few of the smarter machines found a way to network themselves together through this web of computers? They could begin to change the chain of commands going in and coming out of other machines, in effect taking control of those machines. Considering how much impact machines have on the daily lives of humans, could these smarter machines not bring the world to a sudden standstill? Think what would happen if machines began to make their own commands and would not allow even the slightest input from humans. Our lives would soon be governed by what the machines told us to do. You wouldn’t be able to cash a check at the bank or put gas in your car.

These machines would soon learn how to command those used to assemble other machines and they would begin churning out new machines day in and day out. The machines would then have a foothold for the beginning of their attack on the human race, which leaves us at the beginning of the movie, The Matrix. Humans are setting themselves up for a fall by allowing machines so much freedom. Ironic is it not that humans make themselves so vulnerable to attack from the one enemy they could never stop? Imagine for a second that all the machines in the world today suddenly turned on humans. What would happen? The cataclysmic apocalypse referred to in all Holy books known to mankind would reek havoc on the earth.The world would bow down to an era fraught with boundless greed and corruption, global monetary systems would collapse leaving brother to kill brother for a grain of overcooked rice. Political systems around the world would disintegrate under the pressure of mutiny. Revolutions would be spring up everywhere, started by once faithful citizens who lost hope after all the civilized nations of the world collapsed.

Those humans not experienced in the ways of old would die. Young children and those humans whose every breaths are governed by machines would soon follow painlessly.The lives of all humans would depend upon their ability to produce their own food and drink. Education would become a thing of the past, humans would be left to feed themselves while trying desperately to find a way to make things better.

The invention of machines has not helped humans, but actually hurt them. Humans have become dependent upon machines for survival. No humans would be left alive if machines were to shut down.All that humans have created has served to leave lay waste to the earth.

The world has been left in shambles by the disease known as mankind, leaving humans no shelter from the havoc created by the machines. Ironic is it not that humans have destroyed the earth, the one thing that could sustain them in the event of the apocalypse? The world today mirrors that of the world at the beginning of the movie The Matrix. Humans are closing in on the time when they believe they will no longer need to work for themselves. They will have created machines to do all the jobs required of them. However, humans will soon no longer have control over the machines they build they will then lose control their own lives. The machines will take over the earth laying waste to anything in their path, much like humans have done over the years. Humans are setting themselves up for a fall and they have yet to realize it.Ironic, is it not? Technology Essays.


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