The Justice Of Death

The Justice Of Death The definition of justice is often thought of as an opinion. This theory is sometimes true, but can cause a huge dilemma. How can we live by the rules when they are not definite? Isn’t that what justice is? Living by the rules.

Maybe justice is an absolute. Maybe our opinion of justice is just part of the whole thing.Everyone is just seeing a part of the big picture. It may seem that there may not be a definite justice, but it is just something that exists. An example of this theory is the idea of a circle. One can never actually draw a complete circle perfect.

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This is scientifically impossible. So how does one know that there is a circle? One has an idea of what it is, and they draw their own version of the absolute definition of that circle. This is the same if you look at a horse.All horses are different, so how can you absolutely describe a horse.

Is a horse without legs and a tail still a horse? It must be. So how do you know that it is a horse? One would know that it was a horse because they know the idea of a horse. So justice can be thought of the same way, as an absolute.

No one can ever reach the absolute of justice, but one can get as close as they can.The death penalty often falls into the category of justice. While I am not specifying that the death penalty is right of wrong, I am stating that it must be just a portion of the true definition of justice. To use the death penalty one must believe that the punishment is equal to the crime, and therefore just. The death penalty is often enforced by Texas, but the degree of severity of a crime is heightened in comparison to the rest of the nation. In particular, the Texas Seven relates to this issue of justice.They are facing the death penalty, for numerous encounters with the law. While some would argue that there actions are directly being punished by the death penalty, others will argue that a person does not have the right to take another’s life.

This puts the world in quite a predicament. There is also the fact that the Texas penal system is corrupting the prisoners within its walls. The corruption contradicts the idea of prison.Prison’s basic duty is to change the hardened criminal so he may be able to be placed back in society at some point. How can you give the death penalty to a group of criminals like the Texas Seven when the penal system added to his corruption? Texas must believe that one can no longer be placed back into society. Why else would you play god and kill another human being.

To kill someone else you must believe that they are no longer apart of your race. A group of friends is a perfect example of this theory.In a group of friends you are tightly knit. Nothing usually can break you apart. You can easily express yourself toward them. What would have to happen for you to no longer talk to a friend that was within that group? One would have to believe that he no longer belonged in that group. That he can no longer exist within that group or society, and you cannot express yourself freely.As you can see the death penalty is parallel to this example.

Texas is sublimely saying that a person can no longer exist safely in an environment of civilized human beings. Therefore that person is no longer recognized as a human being. Can one truly state that you are no longer a human being? Furthermore can anybody say that another is no longer a part of the human race? Well, lets look at society as a whole.

Society is made up of civilized human beings that can think. “I think therefore I am.” Well if society is a group of civilized humans that think, one must say that a person that does not exist in society is not civilized, and therefore cannot think. As of now the Texas Seven are fighting extradition charges back to Texas.The brutal court battle is for the reason that Texas is seeking the death penalty while Colorado is not. As one can clearly see, the death penalty is given out by Texas with ease.

Colorado is only seeking life for the same criminals that Texas is seeking the death penalty. For the death penalty the crimes of the members must be of a high severity. The only thing is that Colorado does not see the same. For the death penalty to work the crime must equal the punishment. The only problem is diverse people interpret the severity of the crime different.Consequently, there are different degrees of the same crime around the nation.

So for Texas to give the death penalty out comfortably they must believe that the crime is worse in Texas compared to the rest of the nation. Can a region be that different that the crime is not of the same brutality? For this to be true, we must first believe they are of higher standards than the rest. So therefore, they believe everyone should strive to be like them.

So, as you can see the main points are those related to justice. For the death penalty to work one must believe that the person no longer belongs in society.He must in his eyes be no longer a human.

This is not the case everywhere in the nation though. Others have different ideas and views about the death penalty. It is hard to ostracize a single person from the race that they were born in. Since that basically is what the death penalty is.

As you can see, Colorado must have different views on the death penalty than Texas considering their decisions on judgment.Social Issues.