The Internet: Essential to Our Lives

Title of Paper : Inequality of School funding
Grade Received on Report : B
Internet. Internet. Internet.

Internet. A system of interacting circuits that publishes accessible information. The Internet is
accessible to anyone who has the following: a computer monitor, modem, PC, keyboard and/or mouse. To
those with this equipment, the Internet offers the following services: the use of e-mail and the Telnet,
access to news groups, chat groups, the World Wide Web, games for people of all ages, and the use of
telephony. The Telnet allows millions of people to send and receive e-mail from others across the world.
News groups inform numerous people on opinions and points-of-views about various topics. Chat groups
allow people the privilege of interacting with each other. The World Wide Web presents an entire realm of
information to those with access. Games entertain children, teenagers, and adults for many hours.
Telephony enables one to talk to others across the world by using the on-line service. Randall xxii,xxiii
The Internet uses all the components of its system to help people i!
nteract with various cultures and people from other countries around the world. The Internet provides easier
accessible communication and exchange of knowledge, for a lower price than using the telephone for long-
distance calls. The Internet is a service that is useful and has better access to information; therefore, the
Internet is one of the best inventions to help develop human expansion of knowledge.

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The Internet is becoming more popular to nations across the world. More and more people want to become
involved in the rapidly developing technology. The networks are not simple connections of cables, circuits,
and computers; they are cooperative communities(Stroll 2). The communities offer valuable tools that help
people make it through the days and nights. Certain situations rise in which the information form the
Internet is more obtainable than traveling to the library. Clifford Stroll describes situations in which the
Internet would be more useful than a library because the communication between people is more
Seventh-grade students exchange poetry with friends. A shy woman who met herhusband-to-be
through the Internet. International collaborations in sciences and humanities. Specialized mailings for
nonprofit organizations. Friendly support for a man whose child has leukemia. A family used the Internet to
get the latest research results on a disease. A retarded twenty-five-year-old woman who has used a
children’s math program to practice addition.(Stroll 50,51)
In such cases the Internet offers people a more emotional feeling in exchanging discourse with people
rather than reading information in a book. The Internet offers a personal relationship with millions of
people across the maps of the continents. Without this service, people could not receive disclosure about
others in similar situations.
The operation of the using the Internet is simple. Databases are not just computer programs- there
are numerous ways to coordinate information. The mechanical filing systems are acute, user friendly, and
simple to set up. Once the essential information is organized into recognizable chambers, then returning to
familiar and enjoyable Web sites is easier. The best part of the organization process lies in the ability of the
computer to assimilate the information once the user introduces the data to the computer. The user has
virtually no problems in controlling the databases of knowledge. The user can spread information to other
users of the Internet services. One way of transferring data to other users is through the use of electronic
mail lists. This allows exclusive groups view what one has to say throughout the Internet. The access to
such listings is simplistic and widely available.
With some locations offering use of the Internet open to all, many can use the Internet free of
charge and for as long as needed. Universal access to the Internet means that every citizen will be trained in
the network, given a workstation, a modem, and an account. For those who want the luxury of the Internet
in the sanctity of their home, the services of the Internet can be received by paying a fare. For most the use
of the Internet is cheaper than their telephone bill. The Internet carries a flat-rate billing system. Or maybe
it is no billing. Its designers never figured on charging for service, so packets sent al over town and across
the ocean are all charged the same rate – nothing.(Stroll 51)
The Usenet (a.k.a. The Internet) is a community where hundreds of thousands engage in friendly
banter(Stroll 47). They’ll point to hundreds of self-help groups that are as any neighborhood counseling
organization(Stroll 47). Without leaving the privacy of one’s home or getting choked-up about standing in
front of a group of strangers, one can find anonymity. The is no need to disclose to much personal
information while engaged on the America Online, CompuServe, and/or public Free-nets services. An
individual could change their name and identity to become some one they would not normally be inclined
to impersonate.
People connect to distant computer, create their own characters, and interact with others
by typing commands and comments. Nobody knows anybody else’s identity; online persona is
everything. We can step outside traditional boundaries of social constraint, confide in strangers, and
become intimate with utterly fictional characters.(Stroll 57)
The hidden identity allows communication to flow without the feelings of embarrassment, shyness, and/or
fear that can be associated with personal face-to-face conversations. The lack of full exposure to others can
be avoided, putting the communicator at ease.
After all that has been said and done, I firmly believe that the Internet has a more useful and good
purpose, rather than a malicious intention. Some feel that the Internet takes away from personal
relationships, when in fact, the Internet enhances human communication. People learn from the easy access
materials the Internet has to offer. The Internet is doing the world a service by bringing them all together to
share information with various people. Someone once said, ” Communication and technology only get
better with time”.

Randall, Neil. The Soul of the Internet: Net Gods, Netizens and the Wiring of the World.London:
International Thomson Computer Press, 1997.

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