The fellowship of the ring

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, by J.R.R. Tolkien, is the first book in the fantasy-based trilogy of the Lord of the Rings. The book begins with Bilbo Baggins celebrating his one hundred and eleventh birthday. After his party, he then decides to leave everything behind and join a Fellowship, which has a task of destroying the ruling ring, which will give supreme power to whoever has possession of it. Just before he leaves, Gandalf asks Bilbo for this ring. Due to the power in which the ring possesses while it is in his possession, he does not want to give it up. The novel ends with the destruction of the Fellowship due to the power in which the ring contains. One of the prime facts of the Middle Earth is power. Power is not neutral, but is always evil. It gives wicked the chance to dominate. The good is corrupting and inescapable. This is shown repeatedly throughout the novel, from when Bilbo gives up the ring, to when Boromir tries to take the ring, and finally, to seeing the control that the ring has over Frodo. One incident in the book, which corresponds with how power is evil, would be when Bilbo had to give up the Ring. The ring is very powerful. The power is so enticing that Bilbo is very weary to give up that ring. When Gandalf asks Bilbo if he wishes to give up the ring, Bilbo seems unsure saying yes and no. When it came to having to give it up he didn’t like parting with it at all and didn’t see why he should have to . Due to the power in which Bilbo feels that the ring had given him, he doesn’t want to part with it. By no means does Bilbo want to use the power in an evil manner to dominate all. It is just the thought of power itself that causes this greed to come over him. Although Bilbo in general is a good character, the power of ring corrupts his ways, showing his thirst for power, which he deserves. Another incident, which portrays this corruption of goodness to evil, is when Boromir approaches Frodo and tries to take the ring from him. Boromir has authority, which is being heir to the throne of Gondor, but not the supreme power that he desires. This yearning for both power and authority is what gives him a turn for the bad. When Boromir and Frodo are talking about possession of the ring, Boromir screams in an outrage saying that if any mortal is going to have the ring it going to be the men of Numenor, and not Helflings. He says how the ring should be his . This shows that the power of the ring has made Boromir thirsty for power. Even though he is a good man, this incident leads to his departure from the Fellowship. The evil power of the ring is seen once again in this book when Boromir is chasing Frodo. Frodo hears the ring chanting to him to use its power. At this point he does It was the only thing left he could do. He pulled out the ring upon its chain and slipped on his finger with Boromir leaping at him. Due to the fact that Frodo listens to the evil chanting ring, he decides to pull it out and use its power for himself. After realizing the power it gives him, he becomes greedy and uses it again and again throughout the course of the novel. This realization causes him to leave the Fellowship and keep the ring for himself. The idea of power only being evil, instead of neutral, is seen throughout The Fellowship of the Ring time and time again. No matter whether the characters, in general, are good or evil, the thought of having the supreme power makes them greedy. It doesn’t matter whether you want the power to do good or bad, the thirst for power always makes you appear evil through the eyes of others

The Fellowship of the Ring

In The Fellowship of the Ring, the main character is Frodo Baggins, a hobbit from the Shire who becomes the Ring-bearer. The main villain is Sauron, the Dark Lord that forged the One Ring to take over Middle-Earth. In the fellowship, besides the ring-bearer, are three other hobbits, Samwise Gamgee, Peregrin Took and Meriadoc Brandybuck, three of Frodos closest friends. There is also Gandalf, the wizard he is a powerful wizard, second to only Saruman the White. Legolas Greenleaf, son of the Elf King of Northern Mirkwood he is an eleven archer with a true aim. The dwarf Gimli heir to the throne of Gondor, Gimli wields a powerful ax in battle and is a great craftsman. He is the true King of Gondor hasnt yet re-claimed his throne but spends his time protecting and aiding the fellowship members, and finally Boromir, oldest son of the Steward of Gondor. He is next in line to be the Steward of Gondor, but doesnt always seem trustworthy however, as time passes he forms a bond with the Halflings (the hobbits) and is very protective of them.Yet they all have some talent or purpose in aiding Frodo in the quest.
The book takes place in different parts of Middle Earth during the Third Age. The mood is often quite tense with suspense and a sense of doom. They are in constant danger, always being watched or hunted.

The hobbits leave their precious homes and travel through the Old Forest to get to Bree, where they meet Aragorn and he aids them in their journey. All five later leave for Rivendell and the mood is quite tense with the Black Riders hunting them down. On the way, they stop at Weathertop, where Frodo is, unfortunately, stabbed with a Morgul blade. Luckily, they all get to Rivendell safely with the help of Glorfindel, an elf. Once there, Frodo is given time to heal before Lord Elrond summons a council and the fellowship is formed with nine members. The fellowship continue on their quest to get rid of the ring and were forced to trudge through Caradhras in order to avoid the dark and secret way. However, they were forced to take that path, after being forced off Caradhras, through the Mines of Moria where it is believed that Gandalf had fallen into shadow in their escape. They next travel to Lothlorien, where they are given food, shelter and advice. Reluctantly, they leave, sailing down the Great River Anduin, resting on its banks and there they try to decide their next destination. They are attacked by Uruk-hai and Orcs, and the Fellowship is broken up THE END… read the next one
This is a really good book and if you havent read it, you should. Many people are reading it now, or re-reading it again. It has a great storyline, lovable and enchanting characters, and a whole new world was created for it. Plus they are making a movie series about it so if you saw the first movie you need to read this to compare how they close they are. Also if you have read the Hobit you owe it to yourself to read this book because it is a great sequel and better in my opinion. It really is the Book of the Century
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