The Dvd Revolution

The DVD Revolution The DVD Revolution Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about the features and advantages of DVD video. Central Idea: The DVD video format has superior audio and visual quality to VHS, as well as more special features, which is why it should eventually occupy the place of the VCR in American households. Introduction Id like to start things out by taking a survey. How many of you remember having a CD player in your house fifteen years ago? Not very many of you, I see. Of course, we all have CD players now.It took a little over a decade and some major price drops, but eventually we all threw out our old vinyl and cassettes and opted for the excellent sound quality and convenience of CDs. Just as the CD took the place of cassettes, many people believe the DVD, or digital versatile disc, will soon take the place of VHS tapes.

Many of you may not even know what a DVD is, so before I go any further, let me show you what one looks like. (Take out DVD disc) Its the same size as a CD, but it has two sides. Just like a VHS tape, it plays movies directly on your television.DVD video players were originally released in early 1997, and their first year sales were twice that of CD players, which is strong evidence that the DVD is here to stay. Why is the DVD so popular, and what makes it better than VHS? There are three main reasons: sound quality, picture quality, and special features exclusive to DVD. (Transition: Lets start with the sound quality of DVD) Body I. The sound quality of DVD is far superior than that of VHS.

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A. DVD discs utilize digital technology, which is the same technology used by compact discs.1.

This means that you will get crisp and clear sound equal to CDs. B. DVD players are also compatible with all surround sound formats. 1.For those of you who dont know, surround sound is a system of speakers set up across a room that provides a listening experience similar to being I in a movie theater. 2. The combination of a surround sound system and CD quality sound is best realized when listening to musicals like “Singing in the Rain”, or action films with a lot of sound effects, such as “Starship Troopers.” C.

You have the ability to listen to different audio tracks. 1.This means that on just one disc, you can listen to a movie in a number of languages, usually English, French, and Spanish. 2. You can also listen to just the musical score, with the dialogue and sound effects turned off. 3. Some discs even feature a running commentary by the actors and director while a movie is playing.

(Transition: Now that you know a little abound the sound, let me tell you about some of the visual features of DVD) II. Movies have never looked better than on DVD. A. The picture on a DVD player is twice as sharp and clear than VCR players. 1.

As Entertainment Weekly writer Micheal Glitz put it, “( Colorful movies like The Wizard of Oz are) so beautiful youll want to freeze some scenes and leave them on your TV the way others hang works of art on their walls.” 2. The picture is already perfect, so youll never have to fool with tracking again. B. You can watch the movie from two different screen ratios. 1.You can watch a movie in widescreen format, which is when the screen has the little black bars at the top and the bottom.

This is the way movies are viewed in theatres. 2. You can also watch the movie in “pan and scan” format. This is how things normally appear on a television screen.You wont have the black bars, but you also wont be seeing the entire picture. C. You can watch some movies with subtitles in several different languages. 1.

Subtitles allow the hearing-impaired to watch movies without having a closed caption feature on their televisions. 2.Many people enjoy watching foreign films with subtitles, rather than dubbed voices. This allows them to hear the original actors voice, and not a translator. D. Some titles allow viewers to adjust the camera angle on a scene. 1.You can step into the directors chair and call the shots.

You get to control the camera and look at a scene the way you want. 2. This feature is excellent to use on sports programs. You can watch a play from multiple angles and scrutinize every move made.

(Transition: In addition to superior picture and sound, you also get additional features found only on DVD.) III. DVD is more fun and convenient than VHS.

A. Each movie starts out with a menu screen. 1. From the menu you choose what features you want, such as subtitles or a widescreen format. B.DVD allows you to skip to any scene in a movie. 2.

Just like skipping to your favorite song on a CD, DVD allows you to go directly to your favorite scene in a movie. 3. Youll never have to bother with fast forwarding through the previews, or rewinding at the end.

C. You may also get extra bonuses. 1. This can include behind the scenes documentaries, games, original movie trailers, or interviews with the cast and crew. Conclusion According to an article by Steve Traiman in the September 5th, 1998 issue of Billboard, there are already nearly 800,000 DVD players in North American households, and more than ten times that amount in is expected in the next four years. And why not? In addition to the features Ive listed above, players can be purchased for around $300, there are over 1500 movie titles available, and most of them cost between ten and thirty dollars.

One web site is even selling a DVD version of President Clintons grand jury testimony for just two cents. The DVD is to the VCR as the CD is to the cassette player. It may not be today or tomorrow, but eventually the DVD will become the primary movie format and find a place in your living room. Bibliography Articles Gallagher, Leigh. “Global Bottom Fishing.” Forbes September 21 September 1998: 274.

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