The Crucible Journals

ACT 1pg. 3-36The story opens up in Salem Massachusetts in 1692. Reverend Samuel Parris kneels in beside his daughter’s bed praying. The story was introduce to the reader by giving information about Salem’s history and religious matters. Many things were restricted because of your religious beliefs. They believe it was the work of the devil. Dancing was an example of doing witchcraft.

And for that, people were hanged for what any person would called, “having fun.”Reverend Parris’s daughter, Betty, and several girls were dancing in the night with a slave, Tituba, in the forest. Reverend Parris saw them and he when to see what was going to on. He saw them doing what was forbidden in their town.

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So he sneaks up to the girls and scared them. Betty happens to past out. Betty is in bed insane.

Rumors go around their town that she is was doing witchcraft with other girls, and she is now in the devil hands. As the story goes, Arthur Miller fills in details for a scene so the reader would know and understand what is going to happen. Also when a character is introduced, Miller pauses the play and gives a brief detail about the character like his age, height, or personality.

A crowd had gathered in Parris’s house. Reverend Parris did not know what to do so he sent for Reverend John Hale from Beverly to come and see what is happening to Betty. Reverend Parris believe he saw someone running through the forest naked but his niece, Abigail Williams, said no one had their clothes off.Later, Thomas Putnam and his wife in the house and told them that they saw Betty flying over a neighbor’s barn. Mrs. Putnam had many childrens but they all died which she believes it was the work of witchcraft.

As they wait for Reverend Hale, Reverend Parris said they should not accuse the girls of practicing witchcraft until he got Reverend’s opinion.Analysis The citizens of Salem, Massachusetts are characters that Arthur Miller made up. They lived by the Christian Bible. Free speech was not a protected right, so saying wrong things can easily end a citizen in jail or even hang. Religions spread throughout every aspect of life, which can lead to anger, jealousy, or bitterness when it is accused. So the people of Salem worship God as their worship and leader.The characters seems to care more about reputations. They all believed in God, but when they are caught doing something wrong, they are accusing of worshipping the devil.

It seems like everything that they do will cause a problem throughout the town.ACT 2pg. 47-76Elizabeth and Proctor are having a meal in their house.

They were unhappy of each other and Proctor took out his rifle. Later Reverend Hale came to visit. He told Elizabeth and Proctor that Abigail charged Elizabeth that she was practicing witchcraft. Reverend Hale asked if they know their Commandments, and asked Proctor to replay the it, he hesitated and relies the Commandments. Reverend Hale asked if he can get any poppets that belong to them, but Elizabeth reply that she have not have any poppet since she was a little girl. Reverend Hale spotted a poppet in the self and examines it. He found a needle suck in its belly.

This was evidence for Reverend Hale to prove that she was practicing witchcraft. Earlier Abigail was suddenly fainted, and with some kind of marking on her belly. Proctor was furious so he asks Reverend Hale to leave. AnalysisWhen I found out what had happen to Abigail and the poppet, I was shocked because things like this do not happen. It could have been a coincidence or witchcraft may be satanic. Even though life is different from now to 1692, coincidence can happen here or there, but how can a person accuse someone of doing something to other one with evidence that is out of this world.ACT 3pg. 77-111The setting took place at the General Court, which used to be the meeting house of the town.

Suddenly Giles charged in the court and explain to the people that his wife is not practicing witchcraft but just reading books. Later Francis Nurse comes in and tells the judge that the girls are frauds. Arguments fill the court. Giles try to defend himself and his wife of being hanged for witchcraft. Later the blame of practicing witchcraft goes back to Abigail. She threatens Danforth, claiming that the devil a will curse him.

As they argue, the arguments turn over to Proctor. All the arguments lead him into confessing that he was cheating on his wife with Abigail. The Act close by him storming out the of the General Court.AnalysisHere in this Act, I though Deputy Governor Danforth had the hardest job in the world. He had to make a decision if the girls were practicing witchcraft.

There were no evidence that witchcraft could be possible and why thing are happening; it could have been a coincidence. Also the town people were series on their religious matters.Since Miller used a court in the act, the court could have been a symbol of truth, because the court is the only place where the people of Salem actual told the truth. Earlier Reverend Parris said he saw someone running naked in the woods, now he’s saying that he didn’t saw no one running naked.

Also the court was where Proctor reveal that he was cheating with his wife.ACT 4pg. 112-134The Act open up in the Salem jail cell where many people where already executed. That fall, Danforth and Hathorne came to visit Parris in the jail. They demand to know why Reverend Hale had returned to Salem.

Reverend Parris assures them that Reverend Hale only wants to persuade the prisoners to confess and save themselves from the situations. He told them that Abigail and Mercy had vanished from Salem after robbing him. Reverend Hale suddenly appears, haggard with sorrow. He begs the men to pardon the prisoners because the prisoners will not confess. Danforth replies that pardons will cast doubt not only on the guilt of the seven remaining prisoners but also on that of the twelve who have hanged already. As a result of the trials, cows were wandering loose, crops are rotting in the fields, and orphans are wandering without supervision. Many homes have fallen into neglect because their owners were in jail or had to attend the proceedings. Everyone lives in fear of being accused of witchcraft.

AnalysisAfter reading the book, I felt sorry for the people who were hanged and were in jail because if the people wanted to know the truth, how can someone explain something they don’t have the answers to. The Crucible was a really good book. I deals with criticism, and criticism is still a part of society up to this point.