The best movieTitanic

The best movie i have ever seen is” Titanic”. The reasons i like it so much are the grand scenery and the romantic content.

The film Titanic is about the love story of Rose Dewitt Bukater and Jack Dawson. It is a classical romance story. Rose was from the American upper class but Jack was only a free-spirited young steerage passenger.They loved each other deeply even there was a huge gap between them. This forbidden love ended when the ship sank and Jack fell into the bottom of the ocean.I think the movie had the exellent content. The two main characters had outstanding performance. Kate and Leonardo were perfect for the part of Rose and Jack.

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Although it was only a classical love story , it encompassed a large range of emotions, laughter, rage, terror and the feeling of first deep love. I especially appreciate the love between them. They both tried to save each other. It showed the power that love could give a person. I was so touched by the courage his love give her to make a new life for herself on her own, even after his death.

The scene when Rose took he whistle from the mouth of the dead man and withour hesitation blew it to attract the attention of the lifeboats said everything about the will to survive. This scene made me cry. Beside, the scenery and the stage properties really made me amazed. From the big ship to the small cushions at Rose’s room, they were all delicate. Last but not least, the great theme song “My heart will go on” by Celine Dion marked the end of the story.

Even Jack leave Rose forever, her heart will keep going on.Titanic was already the winner of 11 Academy Awards. I deeply believe that it is the best movie i have even seen. Everyone can not miss it. Bibliography: