The Bermuda Triangle


rt plane carrying thirty-three passengers and crew of six en route to Jamaica..Two weeks of intensive searching revealed no clue as to the fate of the plane or victims (Winer 39). In the area of the triangle more and more planes and ships disappear each year. If there were nothing mysterious out there then why are the above accounts mysteries instead of solved cases. The subject of this area will be for many more years on of the main topics of conversation in waterfront cafes and casinos of the Caribbean.

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What could be the cause of so many disappearances within the triangle, what devours planes and ships and leaves no trace of evidence? Over the years many theories have accumulated.Theories about triangle abound. One of them is that gases leaking from the ocean bottom cause explosions that cloud the surface and affect low-flying aircraft.

Another attributes the accidents to localized infrasound wave that become magnified in a storm and tear ships and planes apart. But Berlitz advances a more provocative explanation. He thinks there may be a 400-foot-tall pyramid on the ocean floor that releases electromagnetic forces so powerful they can cause the disintegration of people and vechicle (unknown 9) Another theory concerning the Bermuda Triangle consist of vortexes and whirlpools, it is a giant vortex or whirlpool that originates from a hole in the floor of the ocean.

maybe caused by the cooling of the earths interior. When it reaches the surface, it pulls in all of the surrounding air.It can pull in airplanes flying as high as ten thousand feet.

It pulls down big ships and anything that floats leaving no trace (Winer 206) The followers of the deceased Edgar Cayce believe that the lost city of Atlantis is located well within the boundaries of the Bermuda Triangle. Perhaps magnetism or some type of magnetic circumstance could be related to the Bermuda Triangle. Norman Slater believes the victims have become entrapped in a time machine situation, a sort of a funnel that can hold articles in an invisible dimension for periods before unexpectedly releasing them again. Time is not a simple constant flowing quantity that we assume it to be. It may sometimes release these ships and planes from the other dimension in which they are suspended, and they will return to the space from which they vanished.I dont want to be there when it happens, says Slater. If It will be horrible, for the crews will be skeletons. (Winer 199) If nothing unusual was present in this area known the world over as the Devils Triangle or the Bermuda Triangle, then why would there be so many theories about what makes the ships and planes disappear into the deep blue yonder.

Whatever claims the lives of so many each year, there appears to be something present. There exist another area where mysterious disappearances of ships, planes, and yachts occur even more often than in the Devils Triangle (Winer 210).This place is located on the other side of the world, If one were to bore almost straight through the center of the earth from a point near the center of the Devils Triangle, he would come out in an area off the east coast of Japan..

the Devils Sea (Winer 210). There were so many unexplained losses of ships and planes in this so-called Devils Sea, that the Japanese government became concerned and sent out a massive research vessel to perceive what was happening. It must have made its discovery, because the it was never seen or heard from again. Not only the lost ships and planes tie the Bermuda Triangle and the Devils Sea together. It is a parallelism that, although coincidental, is more than will remember that the compass does not point to the true North Pole but rather to the magnetic North pole (Winer 211). Depending on were on was located would cause a different amount of variation.

However, there are two longitudinal or meridian areas where compass variation does not exist..One of these places is off the east coast of Florida. The other is off the east coast of Japan. So both the western extremity of the Devils Triangle and the western extremity of the Devils Sea are the only two meridians where the compass actually points to the true north. What happens to those who disappear in to the Bermuda Triangle, do they live or die, do they understand what has happened? One man survived to tell his tell of the Triangle, This man was Bill Verity told someone that on his voyage from Fort Lauderdale to Ireland in a twelve-foot plywood sloop, the hardest part was being trapped by a lightning bombardment. It occurred in the triangle.He informed the listener.

He said that he had never seen such lightning. Lightning bolt after lightning bolt striking the water. All hell had broken loose (Winer 201). Of course, no one knows for sure or will Until the sea spews forth the secrets of the Devils Triangle, there will always be self-proclaimed seers and sensationalists capitalizing on the seas greatest mystery.Some will attribute the enigma to UFOs, others will blame Martians, and a few will pick up where Edgar Cayce left off and accuse Atlanteans who periodically emerge from the deepest trenches of the sea in their highly sophisticated hydrospace conveyance and abduct less intelligent, inferior earthbound human beings (Winer 200-1).

Human error,.. weather phenomena,.

.or whatever else might be causing ships, planes, and yachts to vanish in the Devils Triangle will continue to occur. It is quite possible that at this very minute some unfortunate aviator or mariner is out there fighting for his life as he discovers one of the secrets of the Devils Triangle (Winer 213).

When professionals, including scientist, the navy and philosophers all venture forth into what may be a death trap, a place of uncertainty to try to discover or uncover a haunting mystery, that means that something is there. Ralph Stephen stated only his unexplored opinion when he said theres nothing mysterious there.The Bermuda Triangle exists, there is mounting amounts of evidence and a growing abundance of theories, ranging from hypoteadical to extensively researched. In the future we may find out what secrets the Bermuda Triangle really holds and someday be able to explain how, why, and what happens in the Devils Triangle, or perhaps one of us may venture forth into the Triangle and learn its secrets for ourselves, never to reveal them to the world. Bibliography Works Cited Winer,Richard. Devils Triangle. New York: Bantan Books, 1974:xiii-41,182-213 Unknown.

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