The Affair

In this paper I will try to explain to you why Deborah Bronski had an affair withChristopher de Monti when she knew it was wrong. Deborah and Christopher are bothcharacters in the book Mila 18 by Leon Uris.In Deborahs childhood there were some reasons that could have caused her tohave an affair. Her childhood is outlined below with some of the things that may havecaused her to have this affair.Deborah Androfski married Paul Bronski at the age of eighteen.

Deborah steppedinto the world too fast, she had not experienced it enough. She had never really beenwith any other man. It seemed throughout their marriage that what Deborahs mothertold her about men was true.Deborahs mother told her to be careful of those boys. She told her that theywould make her pregnant. Deborah first became pregnant, and recalled what her mothersaid to her.Deborah also recalled her mother telling her that sex was ugly and painful.

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PaulBronski asked Deborah to get an abortion because she was so young. This was verypainful for her. When in bed Deborah served her sentence. The guilt of sex was deeplyimplanted in her. She practiced pretending to enjoy love-making so as to not offend herhusband. Deborah didnt experience either fulfillment or the smaller pleasures oflove-making.

She was totally unemotional.When Deborah met Christopher she said she was drawn to him like a little girlthat took his hand and was led through the black evil forest to the golden castle that saton a cloud. The time when they had done everything but go to bed came. Deborah threwa tantrum, and Chris understood completely that it was her fear of an inability to perform.

Deborah opened herself to Chris and he understood her problems. He unlocked all heryears of frustration and drove them from her.Deborah had an affair in part because she was told so many things bad about boysduring her childhood.

When she married Paul all of those bad things seemed to be true. Then when Deborah met Chris she could pour her problems out to him, which she couldnot do with Paul. She felt so good when she was around Chris it was like regaining apiece of her life she never had with Paul.

Another more technical reason for Deborahs affair was her relationship betweenher intellect, conscience, and will. The relationships were in the correct order (1st -intellect, 2nd – conscience, 3rd – will). Deborahs conscience is what she distinguishesright from wrong with. She was obviously taught that an affair was wrong, sometime inher life. There is another factor though which disrupts this relationship, which isemotions. Deborahs emotions were so strong that a cloud formed over her conscienceso she couldnt make the correct decision. So, the effect of her emotion blinded her andthis is why some people, including Deborah, have an affair even though they have aperfect conscience.With the reasons above and my feelings and thoughts on why Deborah Bronskihad an affair with Christopher de Monti, I hope you can understand why she had an affairwhen she knew right from wrong.