The 20s

The 20’S Jazz clubs and bobbed hair, isolation and revolution, all of these were things that, in one way or another, made the 1920s roar. The twenties were a time of economic and social growth for many Americans, but it was also a time of great hardship for many. The 1920s were fascinating in the way that there were so many changes occurring in society. It is still difficult to decide though as to whether or not the 1920s were a time of rebellion or a time of conservatism. During the 1920s there were trends of both conservatism as well as rebellion occurring simultaneously.

Many women from the middle to upper class were beginning to change their appearances and attitudes. Many of these women could be deemed rebels simply because of the way they began dressing. These women were wearing shorter skirts, cutting their hair short and even wearing men’s pants. These new trends were seen as horrid and indecent. Women were also beginning to wear make up, which only a few years earlier was only worn by prostitutes.This was not the only way that women were breaking the mold though, women were now entering new fields in the work force.

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Women were now doing jobs that many people had felt women could not do. Not everything in the twenties was about pushing the envelope though. There was also a trend now where a woman was expected to keep up both her appearance as well as her home. Parents were now supposed to show more affection for their children and spouses as well. These are more conservative trends that were very prevalent throughout the 1920s.The economy played a huge role in all of the trends that occurred in the 1920s. People who were in the middle to upper classes were doing very well.

The economy was doing well and many people becoming rich off of the stock market. When the economy rises people begin to worry more about fashion and appearance because they can afford to. This is what was happening during the twenties, people were doing well and were showing themselves off a bit.A major factor that contributed to the huge success of people in the urban areas of the country was due to the government’s generally conservative nature during the 1920s. The government’s main focus during this time was on US industry. With the tariff acts of 1922 and 1930 the doors were swung shut on any foreign competition for US business. This gave all of the domestic market to US industry. This was the major factor in giving US business its huge boost.

This is also the indirect cause for all of the social changes that were occurring in the middle to upper classes. These government policies are also the cause for why farmers in rural parts of the country were doing horrible. When WWI was going on farmers were doing better than ever due the new demand from foreign markets, but when we put up the large tariffs so did other countries which cut off all foreign market for the farmers. So during the 1920s while everyone else was prospering farmers were struggling. The 1920s were a time of great change in the US. The twenties effect us to this very day in the way we run business, the way our government runs our country, and it has even affected the way we dress.

There is no way though to say that the 1920s were simply a time of rebellion or a time of conservatism. It could be said though that the mix of rebellion and conservatism has helped shape our country and will continue to do so in the future. History.