Terrorist Bombs In The Us

.. partment in order to gain some insight into what is going on with terrorism in our city and how it is handled. After making several phone calls, I was finally able to reach the terrorism division of the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD). But to my disappointment, the officer on the other line told me that he was not able to discuss any of the information they had concerning terrorism and their tactics with the general public. Because of this reason, I had to settle for a detective in the police department.

I first asked Detective John Doe what position he held in the police department, what he did, and how long he had been working at it. I learned that John is a detective in the Los Angeles Police Department, Metro division and his basic duties is to figure out what happened at a scene of a crime and who that person/s was that committed the crime and even how it was committed. This ranged greatly from murder, stolen vehicles, robberies, vandalism, and even missing persons. He said he has been a detective for about ten years and a police officer for about 16 years. Have you ever been involved with any cases dealing with terrorist activities? John said that he had been called to the scene of several bomb threats and suspicious packages that were laying around.

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He also said that he had reported to many crimes scenes where things were either blown up or burned, but he did not really consider them terrorist activity necessarily but more rather vandalism and arson. Where did most of these bomb threats occur? Mostly at places such as abortion clinics and churches with specific races such as Black and Jewish. I found that this was quite interesting because it falls into the model of Coopers idea that terrorist are driven by their utter hatred of the social status quo. How does one get involved with terrorism and what kind of training is involved? Everyone in the Police Department must first enter the Police Academy where everyone receives the same basic training. This includes the physical and mental. You have to be in shape and you have to learn how to handle certain situations that normally people are not faced with.

After the Police Academy you can pretty much decide which area of law enforcement interest you and lean toward that direction. There are several ways to get involved with terrorism though because there are so many different aspects of terrorism. There is the bomb squad, SWAT team, hostage negotiation, and even airport security. It is pretty easy to get involved if there is an interest because there is definitely a need. What type of policies are there on terrorism? There are several general policies that we follow.

But, probably the most important one is to never take any threat lightly. This is the reason why even if we do not believe that a bomb threat is real, we will still evacuate the building and check because there is always that 1% chance that it is real. Where do you get your information on terrorism from? Everywhere. There are many different city and federal agencies that are involved with terrorism and information is shared between these agencies. We also have many specialist and experts that range from doctors to engineers who specialize in terrorist activities. Their research and studies gives us a lot of information.

We also get information from the internet. The internet is probably the most easily accessible holders of vast amounts of information. We also have people just like you that might see or learn of something that is going around in their community. What kind of preventative measures are taken? There are only so many things that can be done such as metal detectors and such at the airports but the best preventative measure that we have is to be very alert of any suspicious or abnormal behavior. This includes purchases of large amounts of gasoline, ammunition, or firearms.

Our best help are people that are out there being alert. This guideline helps to educate people on what to look for. Any of the following events might mean danger and should be a reason for an immediate report or for seeking advice from security or law enforcement officials: Anonymous tips, phone calls, or notes of a threatening nature which may identify groups or carry extremist messages. Surveillance by suspicious persons of federal offices or federal employees performing official duties. Unidentified or unattended packages, cans, or other containers left in or near government offices.

Unattended and unoccupied vehicles parked in unauthorized or inappropriate locations, particularly those in close proximity to buildings or other structures. Requests for plans, blueprints, or engineering specification for federal buildings or commercially-owned buildings that house government offices, by those who have no official reason to have them. Unauthorized access even to unsecured areas by unknown or unidentified persons who have no apparent reason for being there. Packages or heavy envelopes which arrive in the mail from unknown senders or which have a peculiar odor or appearance – often without a clear return address. Confrontation with angry, aggressively belligerent, or threatening persons by federal officials in the performance of their official duties. Extremely threatening or violent behavior by co-workers who indicate that they may resort to revenge against a group, company, or government agency. When a bomb threat or bombing occurs, who is first on the scene? The police are usually the first to arrive because they are the ones that are out on the street.

Then it is the emergency medical and fire that arrives next. The police usually try to control the situation and make sure people are safe from danger. Medical and fire personnel take care of the human and non human damages. If it is a threat, they are there on standby to be ready. Then after these two agencies have arrived, the more specific departments are called in such as the bomb squad, SWAT team and some federal agencies (FBI and ATF) if necessary. How is it coordinated? Once the necessary agencies arrive, a command post is usually set up in an empty parking lot or such.

This usually involves a mobile office vehicle that we have that has communication devices, computers, and so on for the incident. It kind of looks like a mobile home. There are usually people who are in charge of specific responsibilities that order things to happen. Traffic control, media, ground assault, surveillance, air, security and so on. By speaking with this officer, I learned that there are many aspects of terrorism. Even though many terrorist events have not happened here in Los Angeles, there are agencies and people that have training and are prepared just in case some thing were to happen.

There are many things that can be looked for that alert of possible terrorist threat. This terrorist threat is very real here in Los Angeles because of the society involved in Los Angeles. As in the theories discussed earlier, there are people who have bad social conditions in Los Angeles and there is also a proliferation of different races. This could cause some friction. Also there are many who believe that Los Angeles has many morally corrupt people such as gays and lesbians. It is important to understand these theories of terrorism in a practical way in order to help save lives and understand and prevent terrorism.