THE TENNESSEE TOURIntro music: Rocky Top (Speakers come down center aisle dressed as famous Tennesseans.

Each stops at top of steps and waves, then goes to place.)Davy Crockett: Evening folks. We’re here to tell you all about the great state of Tennessee.

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I’m Davy Crocket, and I crossed the Appalachian Mtns to help settle the great state of Tennessee. I’ve carved my initials in many a tree I killed a bear when I was only three. (bow and sit)Nancy Ward: I’m Nancy Ward and my people were the Cherokee Indians. We walked the hills of what is now TN long before the white man came and took our land. I did not want my people to fight with the TN settlers. My dream was for everyone to live in peace. I told those who came to take our land: We are your mothersYou are our sonsOur cry is all for peace.but my pleas fell on deaf ears.

(drops head and walks away) ***Cherokee Medley***Tom Mix: I’ll be signing autographs after the show, folks! I’m Tom Mix, the famous movie star. I lived and worked right here in South Pittsburg. My first job was at Penn Dixie Cement in Richard City. Then I went to Hollywood and made it big.

really big.but I never forgot my hometown. Enjoy the show! (waves hat and sits down)Eddie Moore: Hello everyone. It was great to wear the Tennessee orange, and playing professional football has always been my dreambut my days as a So.

Pittsburg Pirate will always be dearest to my heart. I’m Eddie Moore from South Pittsburg, and I play football for the Miami Dolphins. I hope you’ll be watching next fall when the season starts.Satchel Paige: I guess you can tell that baseball is my claim to fame. I’m Satchel Paige, and in 1971 I was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Let’s play ball! (pitches ball to someone in the front row)Dinah Shore: I’m the famous Dinah Shore from Winchester, Tn. During the 1940’s I became very popular for songs like “Buttons and Bows”. I even starred in Hollywood movies, but Tennessee is still my favorite place to be.Andrew Jackson: Good evening. I’m Andrew Jackson, “Old Hickory” to those who know me well.

I fought in the War of 1812, and my troops won the Battle of New Orleans. In 1829 I became the seventh president of the United States. When my TN friends came to my inauguration, they partied so much they almost wrecked the White House. They swung from the chandeliers! My home is the Hermitage near Nashville. It’s still open to visitors today.

Pat Summitt: I’m Pat Summitt coach of the Tennessee Lady Volunteers basketball team. I’ve been the coach there for almost three decades. We’ve had many winning seasons. This year we were #2 in the nation. In 1999 I was inducted into the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame.

Go Lady Vols!Sergeant York: Sergeant Alvin C. York from Pall Mall, Tn! (salutes) I was just a Tennessee country boy. DURING World War I eight soldiers and I helped to take 132 German soldiers prisoner! I became a national hero, and there’s even a movie about me.Cornelia Fort: I was an American pilot at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. I spotted the Japanese planes heading toward our United States naval base. Before I could warn anyone the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. The next day the United States declared war on Japan.

My name is Cornelia Fort, and I’m from Nashville, Tennessee.Wilma Rudolph: As a child in Clarksville, Tennessee, I was always sick. The doctors told my mother I’d never walkbut I had different plans. In 1960, I won an Olympic bronze medal. Four years later I became the first woman to win three Olympic gold medals. My name is Wilma Rudolph.

W.C. Handy: I’m W.C. Handy, the father of blues music. I grew up “singing the blues” near Memphis, Tennessee.

In 1909 I wrote an election campaign song for E.H. Crump and became famous. “Beale Street Blues” is my most famous song.Al Gore: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m Al Gore.

My wife Tipper and I are back home in Tennessee now, but I’ve had a great political career. For eight years I served as vice president of the United States. No honor could have been greater!Phil Bredesen: We are so excited about our show tonight! Tennessee has a tale to tell! I’m Phil Bredesen, the governor of this great state. Sit back and get ready to travel with us on the Tennessee Tour!(characters go to positions and the music to Rocky Top starts)