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.. , both stores were very busy. There seemed to be little flexibility from management if it meant compromising their goals. IX. Policies/Procedures/Rules/Standards Standardization seemed to be the key at both stores. One can walk into any McDonald’s in the country and find that a Big Mac is the same everywhere.

Similarly, a Whopper will taste the same at every location. Therefore, the ingredients, and cooking methods must remain constant throughout. There can be no variation. Rules and procedures were posted on clear signs and made directly available to the employee. X. Organization Climate There seemed to be individual autonomy for the most part at both stores. However, the reward system was not easy to identify. They seemed expected to do their job consistently and accurately, perhaps in fear of punishment.

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They received cooperation from management as long as they were working diligently. Contrast between McDonalds and Burger King Analysis: I. Organizational Goals At first glance there are no posters on the wall that state the goals that McDonalds are trying to each. A customer can find a list of the McDonalds goals in what look to be childrens flyers round the restaurant. The flyers stated that McDonalds goal is 100% total customer satisfaction.

Also if you werent completely happy with your meal that the restaurant would do whatever it took to make it right. This is not a very realistic goal for a fast food restaurant because with the amount of food that is served everyday there is no way that every customer will be satisfied. When I got to Burger King there were no pamphlets for the customer to read. There was nothing that let the consumer know what the company was all about. There was a large sign, which read the slogan Workin for You. This was what appeared to be the organization goal and it was interesting to see that the slogan was in improper English.

Although this goal is much more realistic than the McDonalds counterpart. II. Organizational Structure Although the structure of the two organizations are basically the same there were two differences that I noticed. One difference is in the specific tasks of the employees working the front. In McDonalds there is one person who takes your order and gets your food.

Only one person is helped at a time because the cashier has to wait for the food and then serve you. In Burger King there are two separate stations to order and then pick up your food. At the beginning of the line the customer orders and pays in exchange for a number. Then you move down the line to where the customer picks up the food in accordance with the number. This greatly speeds up the lines and reduces the waiting time.

The other difference is in the management. At both restaurants there is one manager that handles all the employees working at the time. In McDonalds the manager was no where to be found but in Burger King the manager was at the front letting himself be seen and talking with the customers. He also wore a different colored uniform to signify his position in the organization. III.

Technology The production level of the two restaurants is the main difference in their technology. McDonalds makes their food in mass production. The burgers are already made and waiting under a heat lamp for you when you order. They are separated into rows depending on what type of burger you order. In Burger King the burgers arent already put together. The burger is cooking in the back but the toppings arent added till the individual orders come.

This gives the customer a better chance of getting a fresh meal. IV. Communication There wasnt much communication going on in McDonalds when we were there. The cashiers didnt smile and werent that polite when taking my order. The communication between the cashiers and the cooks consisted of the cashiers screaming into the kitchen. The manager wasnt around so I wasnt able to see the managers interactions with the staff.

At Burger King I was welcomed by a smile. The cashiers were nice and even held a conversation with me. The manager was out in front conversing with the staff and the employees. The staff appeared to treat the manager as a friend instead of a superior. V.

Environment McDonalds environment was neither customer nor employee friendly. Everything in the restaurant is colored brown which just isnt inviting to customers. The staff has pinstriped uniforms that resemble prison uniforms. The restaurant was also badly lighted which didnt help the color. In Burger King there were windows everywhere and the restaurant was extremely bright.

The staff wore bright colored uniforms and there was music playing which was enjoyable for the customers as well as the staff. After our group observed the interactions between management, employees, and customers at both operations, we discovered a few areas where Burger King and McDonalds both needed improvement. To begin with, our McDonalds experience was overall enjoyable, yet a few small, but important, details should be considered. Most of the employees uniforms were worn properly and neatly, but the rest were just plain sloppy. Shirts should be tucked in and clean, and hats should be worn the way hats were meant to be worn. This would show that employees value their jobs, and take them seriously. While we were dining, we could not help but notice the loud, high pitched, constant beeping noises coming from the kitchen area.

These extremely irritating noises did not stop the entire time. This prevents the guests from enjoying their meals in a soft, relaxing atmosphere. Quiet background music at McDonalds would probably help the ambiance a bit and offset some of the noises coming from the kitchen. We also noticed that even though it was not busy, there was not a manager in sight. In fact, we can not be sure that one was on duty at the time of our visit.

At Burger King it was nice to see the manager working along with the employees by taking orders and preparing food. The major problem that we found with Burger King was the lack of menu consistency. The location that we visited did not offer salads, while most other Burger Kings do. We feel that if a salad is available at one location, then a customer should expect to be able to enjoy the same salad at any Burger King. It is comforting to a customer to know that the food will be the same (in preparation and availability) at whichever store he or she chooses to visit.

We did enjoy how they were willing to accommodate our personalized orders, but it is not appropriate to charge for one slice of tomato or lettuce. McDonalds did advertise quite a bit of community involvement and service. At Burger King we did not see signs of any type of contribution to the community. People may think that the company is greedy and only cares about profit. A charity would show that Burger King cares about the community. In addition, both of these restaurants desperately need to incorporate the fundamentals of great service into their game plans.

It would make a tremendous difference if a cashier would very simply smile and say thank you after returning your change. From the expressions on the faces of some of the employees we felt as if we ruined their entire day just by walking through the door! Personality and attitude should be major considerations when hiring employees. Hire only those who will take pride in their jobs, be professional, and treat the guests very well. Our final recommendation for both operations is to adopt a Total Quality Management philosophy. Food should come out with the right ingredients and at the correct temperature.

It is a waste of time and money to make an order over again if it is not perfect the first time. With better training and communication there should be no reason for orders to be less than perfect. The proper attention could be directed to the next customer waiting in line. If things are done correctly the first time, it will save aggravation for the guest, who, by the way, will remember that his order came out exactly how he wanted it. Basically, just take care of the customer.

Give employees the power to do whatever it takes to make them happy. Exceed their expectations and, in return, you will have a life long patron. He will be back again, and again, increasing long run profitability. This concept should be applied to McDonalds as well as Burger King, to helpattain their corporate goals. References McDonald’s Corporation. (1992).

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