Study Skills

The reason that most people High School dont have good study skills is because they were not taught proper study habits in Elementary School, where this should be taught.

To achieve good grades in high school a person must be disciplined in their study habits. Once a person reaches high school these habits must be ingrained into the personality of the young person so that they are second nature or it is to late.

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Part of the Elementary school teaching there must be a course that teaches children as young as grade 1 or 2 how to do homework. This has to include how to break down a project into manageable pieces so that a child will know how to meet deadlines for major projects once they reach middle school and they are expected to hand work in on time without help from the teachers. To achieve this the following lessons must be taught.

How to take notes in class.
Taking accurate note is a major responsibility for people and without proper notes homework can and is a challenge. Here are a few simple steps to note taking.

1.Go to class prepared. This means having all the materials that you will need to participate in the class fully. Having pencils sharpened and enough paper to take all the notes that are needed. Nothing will hurt you more than having to stop and find more paper or pencil/pen in the middle of a lecture because once you have found what you are looking for the lecture has moved on and you have lost your concentration, or you have missed some of the points being lectured on.

2. Avoid distractions. By this I mean – no eating, drinking or talking. You are there to take notes and that should be the only thing you are doing.

3.Class Discussions. These are often more helpful than the lecture them self. When the class is discussing the subject ask questions and get clear answers because often the teacher is talking so fast that you will miss a point or two in the class discussions will be the time to clarify anything in the lecture that you didnt understand in the lecture.

4.Pick out key word phrases. Then the teacher says things likethe main point is or to summarize. These are the main points to write down dont miss them. Also if something is repeated that means that the teacher is trying to emphasize it and more than likely it is important and will be on the test!!
5.Here are 6points to keep in mind when taking notes.

a.No one can write everything down so dont try.

b.Concentrate on the main ideas, content and information.

c.Try short hand for word remember no one has to be able to read these notes but you so come up with short spelling for words that you will be able to read later.
d.Listen to the teacher then summarize in your own words
e.Take notes I point form not full sentences more like an outline form.

f.Underline main topics
6.If you have trouble taking notes bring a tape recorder to class then you can play the recording back and take notes later when you are at home and it is quiet. Then you will be able to stop the recorder and take our notes without feeling rushed.

7.After Class is over. Take a few minutes to go over your notes and refresh in your mind what points you need more clarification on and get it before you forget.

8.Underline or highlight the main topics and points.

9.Make sure you know why you were attending the lecture and what the assignment is to complete it with the notes.

Keeping these note taking skills in mind, it will help anyone achieve better grades in school but these skills alone will note get you passing grades.

Study Skills
Study skills are not a gift that we are born with there for here a few rules that should be followed when bring home homework.

1.Assignment book although you may think this is something that should go without saying anything, for many people this alone is a challenge. There are a lot of things to consider when writing an assignment down in a planner not just the words that describe the assignment. By following these simple rules the planner can become an effective tool in the study skills.

a.Write assignments in planners right away along with any materials that will be needed to complete the assignment. This will include coloured pencils, paper, textbooks and any other things that are needed.

b.Time frame of when each component of the assignment are due and when you will have time to do these. Keep in mind that people have lives outside of school like jobs, football and families that take up some of your time. So plan around your schedule.

2.A good flat solid surface is needed to get homework done. If you dont have a desk the kitchen table is the next best thing. Using the same spot to do homework creates a habit that over time becomes part of your routine. If you always sit at the same spot to do homework over time when you sit in that spot you will atomically get into the homework mind frame.

3.Good lighting. If the light is too bright you will get a head ach same if it is to dim. So make sure that the light is above reading material and not to bright.

4.The Chair. There is nothing worse than having to sit in an uncomfortable chair for along period of time, this can be distraction so get a comfortable one if you have to sit on a pillow. But the same thing goes for a overly comfortable chair this will put you to sleep or at least make you lazy and not work to your full potential.
5.Have all the books and supplies with you when you sit down. There is nothing that is more frustrating than having to get up a few times to try to find things when you are doing homework.

6.Use a clock. This will help you keep track of how much time it is taking you to do your assignments. If it is taking you longer than you feel that it should. Write this down and ask the teacher for help organizing your projects.

7.ELEMINATE ALL DISTRACTIONS. This means the TV off, No talking on the Phone no Load music, even send your little brother and sister out of the room if they dont have homework too.

8.Good health. Part of getting good study skills is to be healthy. Get the proper amount of sleep of your age and eat three good meals a day. The brain works better when it has been fed.
9.Finally, take breaks from homework when you need to. Stretch, get something to munch on, or have a drink. When you feel yourself getting frustrated this is a sign you need a break. Once you are stuck on a problem for a few minutes take a break for a minute or so and go back to it, this will help you refocus on the problem and give you a better prospective on it.

If these simple study skills were taught to young children in elementary school, teachers in high school will have less trouble getting their students to do their homework. I know if I would have been taught how to study maybe my homework would get done and handed in on time.

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