Stranded On A Desert Island

Stranded On A Desert Island Many people would say that if they went to a deserted island they would probably say that they wouldnt go to one. I would say the opposite if I had to go to one. If I went to a deserted island I would probably bring with me a CD player with CDs, three or four girls and one of my friends, and I would also bring supplies to build a large house. When I get to the island we start to build a very large house before we start to populate the island. After about five years we would have a large population of children.

We will cut down trees and build a tree house for the children, and we also would make clothes out of animal skin and leaves. Many people would still say that living on an island like that is barbaric, but it is a way of life. This is a question to ponder, if you were the founder of America like the Pilgrims, what difference would there be except for no Native Americans? Would there be a difference? I dont think there is but it is a good question to ponder. I feel that I should try it sometime, go to a deserted island and stay there for a week, and see how it feels. My feelings on this is that you do not have to be brave to do anything you just have to have the courage and will. I recommend that you try it sometime, it will feel exhilarating.

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