Stone Hedge

Stone Hedge Stone Hedge is a very complicated structure witch is located in England. It has many myths, legends, and questions surrounding its uses and origin. In this report it goes over the probabilities for the uses of Stone Hedge.

Also it gives reasons why or why not it could have been used for that reason. Plus it gives a brief history about when and who built it.Stone Hedge is an elaborate circular formation mainly large blue stone and tertiary sandstone. It is located about eight miles north of Sabsbury, Witshire witch is in England. The outer ring of fifty-six stone holes is known as the Aubrey holes.

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These rings have holes were stones once where but have disappeared. “Each hole is about four feet deep and about six feet in diameter.These stones and the Heel stone where constructed around 1800b.

c. in the Late Neolithic period.” “Excavations between 1940 and 1961 suggested that Stonehenge was not built all at once but in three stages. These are Stonehenge I, II, and III. The third is broken down into three parts these are IIIa, IIIb, and IIIc.

” The first stones put into place where the Aubery stone and the Heel stone. Also built with these was a large mound of dirt around the out side of the Aubery stones. This circle has a diameter of three hundred twenty feet.

It has one opening of thirty-five feet wide in the northeast side facing the Heel stone.There are many different ideas as to why Stone Hendge was constructed, such as a solar temple, a lunar observatory, a place of healing and others witch is not based on scientific evidence such as a landing place for alien space craft. There have been many different excavations trying to solve the mystery about Stone Hendge. Some of the biggest questions are why and how did these people move these huge rocks, some of witch are sixteen feet high and weigh around thirty five tons, miles to put them in a circle. Put the most likely reason, in my view, is for a place of healing. “Testing done during the “Dragon project” reveled that the stones have a strange magnetic field around them.

” This points to Stone Hendge being used for a place of healing. For centuries people that have had broken and or fractured bones have visited Stone Hendge and it was increased there rate of healing.Also, modern medical science is using Electro magnetics to treat many broken bones, and other injuries and illnesses. Plus there have been flaws in the line up of the stones and stars. This suggests that it is most likely not a lunar observatory as once thought, but Stone Hendge also could be a place of worship seeing as though it was built before Christ’s birth. Also seeing that it was built by many different people at many different times, most likely could have had many different uses. Because of this we may never be sure exactly what Stonehenge was used for.

We can only really guess but from all of the evidence collected from years past we have a pretty good idea what it most likely was used for. Of the about two hundred place for stones only fifty-five stones remain standing today. There are also many other stones and areas for the stones that have been named other than the Aubrey Holes. One example of this is the Y and Z holes. Although neither of the rings is any longer visible excavations revealed that stones were there. The Y holes are a ring of holes about sixty feet inside the Aubrey holes.

This ring consists of thirty stone holes.Although none of the stones are still there the holes in the ground suggest that there were stones there. The Z holes are about eighty feet inside the Aubrey holes. This ring has twenty-nine stone holes. Like the Y holes none of these are still standing but the holes in the ground suggest that stones where there once.

Some of the individual stones have been named.These are the Heel stone, Slaughter stone, Altar stone, and two station stones. The station stones are just inside the dirt wall that surrounds Stonehenge. One is on the northwest side and the other is on the southeast side. The Altar stone is a large stone placed near the middle of the large circle.

It is surrounded by two u formations of stones.One small than a larger one followed by two more circles then the z holes. The open end of the u formations faces the entrance to the east. These other two circles and two u formations are mostly what is left of Stonehenge.

There are many reasons for why Stonehenge was built and evidence backing the reasons, as well as, the lay out of Stonehenge. All this evidence proves that Stonehenge is a complicated structure in England, which has a lot of myths, legends, and questions surrounding its uses and origins. If we ever unlock the secret of Stonehenge we may be able to learn a lot about our past and ancestors. Bibliography Shuker, Karl P.N. Dr.

The Unexplained New York, Barnes and Noble Inc. pp. 30-31 1997 Encyclopaedia Britannica 1973, vol. 21, pp.275-277.