Steve Stone

English 1010
Process Paper
Essay Writing
I am sure that many people have wanted to know the secret of how to
get an “A” on their English paper. This has been a question of mine for
some time as well. In this paper, I will discuss the steps it takes to
write a good paper. Following these simple steps, will help eliminate the
errors that hurt your grade. First, do some type of pre-writing. Second,
write your first draft or rough draft, and correct that draft. Last, write
the final draft. If you follow these steps carefully, your paper should
turn out to be an “A” paper, and hopefully your English teacher will be
very proud of you.

In order to write a successful paper, you must do a pre-writing
exercise. In this stage of the paper, you will organize the outline. This
step is sometimes referred to as free writing. Write down as many ideas on
the subject that you can possibly think of. Group these ideas together
according to the thesis, and the importance of each idea to the readers
needs. This will give you a general idea on how your paper is going to be
formed. After all the ideas are put together, an outline can be made. To
make the outline, start with the thesis statement on top. Then, support the
thesis statement with three or four main ideas, and some supporting details
for each of those ideas. When you use this method, you are starting off on
the right track to receive an “A” for your paper.

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Second, you should write the rough draft. In the rough draft, you are
putting together all of the work from the pre-writing stage, to form
something that should look similar to the final draft. Do not concentrate
as much on the spelling and grammar at this point. Make sure all of the
ideas fit together fluidly to make the paper look and sound correct. Next,
read over the paper making all the corrections necessary to convince the
reader, or in this case, the teacher, that you are not an ignorant person.

You should read over the paper a couple of times to make sure that all
spelling and grammar are precise. This is a very important part of the
writing process and if skipped, your paper will be mauled with red ink when
you get it back. You should have marks all over your rough draft, even if
you are an experienced writer. When you are making these corrections, you
should put yourself in the position of the reader and pretend that you know
nothing of the subject and be very critical. Some students have others
critique their paper. This helps so that there is no bias on the
correcting. This method is also very effective to perfect your writing
masterpiece. When these steps are done successfully, it will make a world
of wonder on your final draft.

Lastly, you must write the final draft. When you get to this stage of
the paper, you have completed most of the hard work needed in writing a
successful paper. Make sure that you are typing on a computer or
typewriter. A neatly written paper is necessary for a good first
impression. Make sure that you transfer all corrections from your rough
draft to the final draft at this time. When you complete the final draft,
you should check it over one last time, making sure that it is perfected.

After these steps are concluded, your paper is fine tuned and ready to
turn in. If you successfully follow all of these instructions, you will
have hopefully written a paper worthy of an “A” grade.