Sports Physical Education

Sports & Physical Education Physical Education is the basis of all sports. Throughout life we as Americans are exposed to physical education in elementary, secondary, and high school, therefore much of our athletic ability is due to our physical educational backgrounds. As in the theory of Existentialism our skills, values, etc., are all products of what we learned.

Physical Education is a very important tool in helping the positive development of children in schools today. Any professional athlete today has probably had some sort of physical education in his/her life. Physical Education should be included in all schools and should be mandatory up until the last year of high school. Sports has probably been the best form of entertainment the world has ever experienced from the beginning of time.But, has sports been taken out of context? Being a professional athlete entitles one to be paid, but what about the programs that have been setup for college athletes. These particular programs allow alumni to “adopt” the student yea right! Colleges are becoming more and more corrupt and more restrictions should be put on them. Pragmatism states that individuals experiences are achieved through experimentation, and one cannot fully criticize the colleges nor the students without being in their shoes, but my point of view is that professionals should be paid for their skills, not college athletes.

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