Spear fishing

Free dive spear fishing is a very enjoyable sport. This great outdoor sport is a perfect way to keep the body very healthy. It can effect the body in many positive ways. It works as a great cardiovascular exercise; a great way to relieve stress; and a delicious way to get the proper nutrients the body needs to stay healthy.The first effect that free dive spear fishing has on the body is the way it allows the body to stay in shape with its demanding cardiovascular work out. Spear fishing requires the fisherman to go and hunt for the fish.

To do this the fisherman must enter the water and swim to where the fish are most abundant. The swimming technique used for spear fishing is a modified free style swim. The hands and arms are not used for swimming, there primary objective is to hold the spear gun or Hawaiian sling. The legs power the move during the swim. Swimming is a known exercise that improves the heart, lungs and muscles. The heart receives a great workout. As the heart rate goes up the heart pumps more blood to the body allowing more oxygen to reach the cells producing healthier cell tissue.

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The lungs also get a great workout. As the fisherman swims, the lungs are being used to there fullest. Heavy breathing and exhaling causes the body to gain more wind, which builds endurance and stamina. This process of using the heart and lungs improves the entire circulatory system. The muscles also gain a lot through swimming.

The body is using a lot of muscles during the swim. The muscles are constantly being used allowing them to become tone. Swimming is known to burn up to 300 calories an hour.The second effect that spear fishing can have on the body is that it is a great stress reliever. Spear fishing can be a very beautiful relaxing sport. The underwater world is a very beautiful creation. The ocean has many things to see and explore. During a hunting experience a fisherman may encounter many different types of fish or rocks.

Seeing such beautiful things that are not usually viewed on a regular basis can be very rewarding. Being able to see a rare colorful tropical fish or a beautiful bright orange coral reef can bring a tremendous amount of excitement and happiness to the fisherman. The adventure of hunting and catching fish gives the body an adrenalin rush and a sense of accomplishment. The great feelings the body encounters while spear fishing gives the body a source of relaxation. It allows the mind to forget about all the stressful things in life and concentrate on the more beautiful things.The third effect that spear fishing can have on the body is how the fish that are caught give the body the proper nutrients it needs to stay healthy.

A fish falls under the meat group in the basic nutrition guidelines.It contains a great amount of nutrients the body requires. Fish are a great source of protein. Protein is one of the most important elements used by the body to keep good health and vitality. All the tissue, bones, and nerves are made up of mostly protein. It contains a major source of building material for the muscles, blood, skin, hair, nails, and internal organs. Without protein the body would become very sick and weak. Fish also contain many other vitamins and minerals.

Take pink salmon for instants. It contains not only the highly needed protein it contains vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, niacin and calcium. These nutrients are also needed by the body to remain healthy.

Fish contain little to no fat which means that eating fish is a very healthy way to consume the proper amounts of nutrition the body needs.The body is a very important element in an individuals life. It can effect the individual in many different ways. If the body is weak and sick then the person probably wont be too outgoing and energetic. But if the body is strong and healthy then that individual will be more likely to live an adventurous and energetic life.

Keeping a fit and healthy body isnt hard to do. There are many ways to achieve this goal. By eating the right foods and exercising on a regular basis the body can remain in good health. Spear fishing is an adventurous way to get a cardiovascular work out; relieve stress; and receive a very healthy dish to eat. Bibliography: