Social Experiment

Social Experiment I was at this rocking party last night. I decided to use this party as my social psychology experiment. I decided to use this, because there were a lot of people interacting with one another. As I viewed the area I could see many different clicks spread around the room. It looked like they were only talking to the people among their groups.

The groups consisted of five or more girls and guys. I observed the different interactions among the different groups. As I looked around I could see that some groups were huddled in a corner chatting as other were running around dancing and having fun. The groups that were dancing seem like they were much more outgoing as the groups that sat around talking. When I decided to walk outside the mood of the evening began to dim. People were gathered around the table speaking calmly.

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However, when I walked inside the mood changed quickly from the dim light to a out of control spotlight. People were dancing like there was no tomorrow. My first impression was that there was going to be some crazy people on the dance floor would have to be soon removed. Unfortunately my predictions were correct! I also figured that the different groups would not interact too much with each other. Some people were acting like fools just so other people would notice them, and maybe even accept them. I consider this as a type of conformity.

As I stumbled upon many groups, I realized that the girls were much more in depth with their conversations as though the guys. Most of the guys were sitting there staring at all of the different girls shaking it on the dance floor. By observing this crowd I was able to conclude that girls have higher conversation level than guys. I also realized that conformity had to of taken place in order for these different groups to have formed.